User Research

Get to the heart of what your customers really want.

We conduct research that gives you the answers and context that data alone can’t reveal.

Better understand how your customers think, feel, and act so you can make intelligent and impactful business and marketing decisions that are founded on insights.


Persona development


Audience insights

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User or target audience surveys


Focus groups 

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Nationally representative surveys

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Website and app user testing

Combining methods for the best insights

To best understand your target audience, we use a combination of user research methods. Through a combination of user testing, interviews, surveys, and focus groups, we build a clear picture of your online and offline end-to-end customer journey as well as your audience’s challenges and needs. This helps you make business decisions based on insights and put your audience at the core.

Research, recommendations, and rapid implementation

We take the findings from user research and act on them. As an integrated agency, we have all the in-house experts needed to prototype and implement the changes that will benefit your audience and business. Whether it requires design, development, copy, or digital marketing, we can do it all in-house. 

We manage every step of research

Our approach to research is incredibly flexible. We can work independently or collaborate with key stakeholders. We manage survey creation, develop discussion guides, recruit and screen participants, manage incentives, moderate focus groups and discussions, carry out desk research, interpret and analyse findings and make recommendations too.

Anywhere, anytime

We can carry out user research anywhere and we’re not limited to one location. This enables us to recruit relevant participants and conduct research no matter where they are and make it easy for all parties to access the site.

Who we work with

Market Research Society Members

All of our research team are members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and follows the MRS guidelines on research and using data. This means we conduct interviews and research responsibly and clearly present our findings. We’re also DBS checked so can interview under 18s.


Persona development

Personas help your whole company understand who your audience and users are.

Through collaborative workshops or depth interviews with your audience, we create persona profiles based on actionable insights.

We look at your existing audience and through a series of interviews, develop persona profiles which help you better communicate. Each profile will tell you exactly who your audience are and what they want to see from you.


Validate concepts and ideas

From the initial concept through to the first iteration and final product, we ask users the right questions to give you the practical feedback you need to succeed.

Our findings will be clearly presented back to you, so you have a firm understanding of any action you need to take.


Understand your website users

Your website users are a key source of information waiting to be tapped into. We carry out on-site surveys that can cover anything from brand sentiment and user experience to website usability.

We then collect responses, analyse and interpret the data and provide you with findings and recommendations tied to your business objectives.


No data is wasted  

Nationally representative surveys are a useful way to gauge how your brand, website, or products are perceived. They’re conducted with a representative sample of the UK or by a representative sample of your target audience.

This gives you a solid understanding of your customer’s needs and challenges from every single response.

Adapt to your environment.

We create adaptive digital strategies that move with your market and deliver results.

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