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Insight & Strategy

define the direction
of your business.

Get strategic recommendations rooted in insight, based on your business’s audience, market, challenges and objectives.

Armed with the insights and truths about your brand, audience, and marketplace, we embark on our ‘Define’ phase.

This process curates and collates the outputs of our discovery phase to better inform your strategy and ensure our strategic recommendations are always rooted in truth, not assumption.

Define 1

Define your


Every forward-thinking business needs a plan of action. We’ll help you define yours.


Understanding where your brand, its products and services sit in the market helps to define what makes you unique, so we can create a space to call your own.


We’ll get you closer to your audience, identify the channels they use, and drive reach, engagement and conversions at every touchpoint.

Proposition development

We’ll help you identify the customer need, spot the opportunities and create a distinctive proposition to match

Objectives, KPIs and targets

Our team will help you to put a number on progress and define the milestones that determine your growth.


Discover the best place to start and reorder your next steps to suit your objectives.

Market segmentation

Divide and conquer the market to maximise your marketing spend and target the right people.

Audience and validation testing

Our testing measures your existing reach and checks your segmentation to keep your marketing on target.

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