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Insight & Strategy

discover your world in high-definition.

Want to know what’s really going on? Our discovery phase helps to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and define your business in unprecedented detail.

Did we mention? We put data-driven insight at the start and heart of everything we do. That’s why from the moment you agree to work with us, we jump straight into our discovery phase.

What we mean by ‘discovery’ all depends on the scope of work, the amount of existing insight you have, the project deadlines and the available budget. But essentially, it’s a way for us to:

Undertake detailed audits and research

To unearth and identify key truths about your business, your audiences, and your marketplace.

Insight & Strategy

Our Discovery Services

Primary research

We undertake primary research to learn first hand about your brand, your audience and your marketplace.

Audit of existing activities

We examine what you’ve done, what you’re doing, what worked and what didn’t. And importantly, why.

Analytics deep dive

Digging beneath the surface helps to unearth hidden insights, unlock the data that matters and better inform your marketing decisions.

Market and competitor analysis

We deep dive into your sector to identify insights, pain-points and opportunities to inform your strategy.

Audience research and persona development

We explore who your audience is, what their objectives are, what motivates them, their triggers, pain-points and influences.

Social Monitoring

We’ll monitor the conversation on social and listen to what your audience is saying about you and your competition.

Journey mapping

We undertake full user journey audits across your marketing and owned platforms - then we work to improve them.

Content card sorting

By examining how your audience navigates content, we can restructure it to boost engagement and make everything easier to find.

Website taxonomy analysis and testing

Our experts ensure your website flows in a logical way, so the customer experience is simple, seamless and painless.

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