Data Engineering

Is data driving you crazy? We unite and cleanse your data sources so they're ready for effective analysis.

Data engineering forms the foundations of all of our work. If the data is wrong, the final output will be too. That’s why we spend a lot of time getting it right.


Righting wrong data

Engineering brings data together from multiple sources, often in different formats. This data often needs fixing or cleansing to minimise errors. Whether it’s malformed postcodes, random characters inserted into cells, or perhaps just taking manipulated data from Excel, we make it fit for purpose.

Our automated processes take multiple feeds of raw data and transform them into useful formats that data scientists and analysts can use.


Exploring all relevant data

We don’t just use the data you have. To give you the most comprehensive view of your business, customers and industry, we identify external data sources that complement your datasets.

Collaboration with data analysts and scientists ensures you have the right data at all times. And, with clever data flows, you can be confident you always have the latest information.


Aggregation for easy and efficient analysis

All your data along with external data is aggregated and joined together to make it easy to analyse. Presented clearly and coherently, you don’t have to spend hours searching for answers.


Secure and accessible data storage

Your data is precious. We integrate it into our secure cloud storage where it can be accessed in a convenient, safe and secure manner.

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