User Testing

Increase your conversions, sales and average order value.

We help you understand how people use your website so you can maximise its value.

User testing shows you what your customers want to get out of your website. It gives you the much-needed insight into why your users behave the way they do.


User experience review

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Card sorting


Site usability and accessibility


Moderated or unmoderated testing

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Prototypes of mock-ups alongside recommendations

Work with actionable insights

We present all our findings clearly, backed up with quotes from participants or examples to help you see what your users think.

All of this informs the recommended course of action to help you achieve your goals.

Findings supported by rapid recommendations

We deliver recommendations rapidly. Once we’ve finished user testing, our team of user experience, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and data experts review the findings and provide recommendations on how to meet your audience’s needs and improve the challenges. You’ll always receive more than a video or transcript of a test.

Ideas brought to life

We always give you prototypes or mock-ups alongside our recommendations. This way, you can see the proposed ideas and changes brought to life. We also have the in-house capabilities to implement effective changes easily.

Testing that works around your business and your users

We can carry out user testing anywhere and we’re not limited to one location. This means we can recruit relevant participants regardless of geography and make it easy for all parties to access the site.

Who we've worked with

Market Research Society Members

Our research team are members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and follows its guidelines which means we carry out ethical and responsible user testing.


Increase conversions

Data can show you where users drop off in the customer journey but it can’t explain why that happens.

That’s where user testing comes in. Through interviews and moderated or unmoderated testing, we can help you understand and complete the customer journey with insights that data can’t deliver.

You can then focus on fixing pain points to increase conversions.


Validate your user journeys

If you have a product or website function you want to launch, we can carry out testing to see where it fits in the user journey and if it works.

From concept to go-live, we can validate each iteration to ensure your idea is right for users and it launches with a bang. 


Structure your site for users

Looking to restructure your site or build a new one? Card sorting enables you to make these key decisions based on what your users want.

Take the guesswork out of sitemaps and get it right the first time.


Make your site accessible for everyone

More and more companies are being challenged for their inaccessible websites.

We carry out accessibility audits and user testing to make sure your website works for everyone.

We look at your site and audit it for accessibility, ensuring all users can use it, regardless of their requirements.

Adapt to your environment.

We create adaptive digital strategies that move with your market and deliver results.

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