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your prospects.

The best customer relationships are personal, responsive and driven by data. We transform your prospects with exceptional brand experiences.

Data is today's oil. When understood and used properly, it can transform your businesses prospects and customer nurture programs. That’s why a well-considered CRM strategy is critical to your business success and user experience.

At its best, CRM is a fast-moving flywheel that turns strangers into brand advocates. However, CRM also provides operational efficiencies to your marketing, sales, and customer service processes, and delivers centralised management information.

At Enjoy, we have extensive experience of working with our clients on the strategy and rollout of CRM strategies. We also have the technical expertise to match.

Challenges we solve

  • Improving customer understanding and insight
  • Delivering communications that are relevant, engaging and personalised, keeping your brand front of mind

  • Making the most of your database, increasing contact volume and improving data quality

  • Implementing campaign automation and optimisation to deliver the best results 

  • Targeting customers and prospects at each stage of their lifecycle

  • Ensuring a consistent experience across all brand touchpoints


CRM audits

We audit your existing processes across marketing, sales, service and operations.

CRM workflow management

To help keep everybody on the same page, we map every step in the CRM process, from delegating activities and establishing deadlines, to tracking performance.

Audience analysis

We segment key audiences and identify opportunities to connect and convert.

Marketing automation

Using a single automation platform, we’ll help you manage every stage of your campaign.

Data segmentation

We bring clarity to your marketing decisions, by dividing and grouping your data to identify your best customers.

Reporting & insight

Our reporting tools and dashboards help you to unlock your CRM data, optimise your workflow and increase profitability.

Email strategy

We can manage individual campaigns or your entire email marketing workstream, using our email experience to help drive performance.

Ongoing optimisation

We’ll help you develop and manage a robust testing plan and apply key learnings.

Sales and new business support

We’ll help you align your marketing and new business functions, creating a centralised hub to streamline your processes.

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