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Digital Experience

ux that's as unique as your audience.

We create loyal customers and drive business performance with exceptional user experiences.

Experience transforms the user experience. With the insight we gain from stepping into your customers’ shoes and understanding the way they walk, we unlock seamless usability, increased loyalty, improved performance and better brand perception.

UX is a blend of rational and emotional behaviour. To distil this formula down to its essence, we look below the surface, gain insights into your users’ journey and discover how your website can serve them better.

Working as an extension of your team, our research team dive into third party data, heat map reviews, accessibility analysis and more.

Armed with this insight, we feed everything into our UX team and develop a scalable solution that optimises your site accessibility, keeps customers returning and boosts your commercial performance.

Challenges we solve

  • Simplifying tasks and helping users find what they need
  • Ensuring customers successfully complete tasks and preventing drop outs
  • Working out what your users value
  • Gauging your users’ abilities and motivations
  • Implementing your brand messaging impactfully and memorably
  • Defining your users’ goals and maximising the opportunity for success
  • Simplifying complicated processes
  • Defining and creating a consistent brand experience across all channels

Our user

User research

We focus on user behaviours, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and feedback.

Sitemap definition

We’ll help you understand and enhance how your website content and products work together.

Persona definition

By defining archetypical users, we can create a profile that reflects the needs of your wider audience.

Competitor audit

To give your business an edge, we track your competitors and evaluate their UX. Then, incorporate these strategies into your approach.

Heatmap analysis

Our team review and analyse heat map data to gather insights about user interaction and behaviour as they engage with your product.

Card sorting

By examining how your audience navigates content, we can restructure it to boost engagement and make everything easier to find.


User testing & session recordings, desk research: we evaluate how easy a product is to use and carry out tests with users to measure how easy it is to achieve specific goals.

Functionality & Feature definition

We isolate the features and products that will provide the user with the optimum experience.

A/B testing

A/B tests allow us to compare and contrast different approaches to find the optimum solution for your users and site.

Information architecture, component definition and mapping

We make sure your website lets users navigate effortlessly between screens and determine the perfect structure and flow for content.

User journey mapping workshops

To better understand customer behaviour, we map the user journey and identify the touchpoints that really matter in creating a positive customer experience.


We measure how easy your user interfaces are to use and recommend improvements.

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