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Rebuilding and optimising its paid media account to make an influential impact

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Established in 2005, Mattress Next Day make buying a mattress simple.

Stocking a wide range of beds and mattresses at competitive prices, Mattress Next Day has amassed over 9000 Trustpilot reviews earning it an excellent rating. Focusing on quality products, a good relationship with manufacturers and speedy next-day service, Mattress Next Day represents great service and value for money.

The challenge

Mattress Next Day approached us when the market was becoming increasingly competitive and saturated. The rise of ‘try before you buy’ mattress brands were capturing consumers’ attention and dominating the marketplace, driving competition and pushing up online advertising budgets.

Through a combination of expensive ad models and increasing competition, Mattress Next Day’s traffic through paid ads increased by 300%, while conversions dropped by 75%. This had a significant adverse impact on the business and changes had to be made fast.

Our approach

We first needed to understand how Mattress next Day’s ad account was set up to get an idea of the changes we needed to make. Our knowledge and expertise of the market also informed our approach.

The initial audit revealed the account structure wasn’t optimised and so budget was wasted.

All mattress and bed terms were grouped under one huge campaign. This made it difficult to understand which keywords performed well and which were draining the budget. To optimise performance, we needed to organise the account and split out terms at a product level, helping us and Mattress Next Day better understand performance.

We also found that device and bid adjustments didn’t reflect performance data, meaning the budget was targeted at audiences who were less likely to convert. High volume campaigns were targeted at every country around the world despite Mattress Next Day only serving mainland UK. Similarly, device adjustments were weighted towards devices that didn’t convert as well as other options.

Finally, the account was set up to include other search partners. While this increased Mattress Next Day’s impression share due to less competition, it wasn’t reaching the target audience who were most likely to convert. This led to optimisations based on skewed data, further spending budget that wasn’t generating returns.

The solution

The audit and resulting insights provided a clear course of action.

We corrected targeting, optimising the account to reach Mattress Next Day’s core and most responsive audience, weighting bids towards demographics who were more likely to convert.

To identify the correct bid adjustments, we constantly reviewed performance data and optimised adjustments. This had an immediate impact and delivered results.

Once the ads started to perform well, we turned our attention to restructuring the account. We separated campaigns which helped us to optimise each ad group. Using our knowledge and experience of the market, we also expanded the keyword coverage, helping Mattress Next Day reach new streams of traffic.

All this activity was replicated across Bing. While the market is smaller, conversion rates are higher, representing the value for money and return that Mattress Next Day wanted.

We spent the first year optimising the account to make the most of what Mattress Next Day already had before moving on to implement new strategies that expanded the account.

Taking the account from strength to strength

After getting the account to a place where ads were generating a steady stream of conversions, we looked at additional strategies to take the campaigns further.

Based on Mattress Next Days core objectives of profitability and return on ad spend (ROAS), we identified one of Google’s automated bidding strategies as the perfect way to reach a high-converting audience without wasting budget.

We used the ROAS strategy to target shoppers who were further along the customer journey and so more likely to convert. Budget was adjusted accordingly depending on shopper intent and we closely monitored performance, making the necessary adjustments to ensure targets were consistently hit. 

We also wanted to increase Mattress Next Day’s audience so introduced campaign which targeted broader keywords. This meant the ads reach customers at every part of the journey; both those looking for inspirations and shoppers who have made a decision. This helped us better identify the keywords which weren’t contributing to traffic or conversions so we stripped them out to optimise the account.

To better target customers at every stage across the journey, we also introduced smart shopping campaigns. These campaign adverts run across the entire Google network and allow us to target users who have searched on Google, are comparing mattresses on another website and are watching reviews on YouTube. This expands our targeted channels to generate more traffic, conversions and a better ROAS.

The results

Within the first month of working with Mattress Next Day, we helped it hit its target and increased conversion rates by 276%, to the highest levels it had ever achieved. All while increasing revenue and decreasing costs, to double its return on ad spend.

Since then over four years, we’ve helped Mattress Next Day:

Results_Icons_Bar Chart.svg

Increase Google revenue by 725%


Increase the conversion rate by 19%

Results_Icons_Mouse Click.svg

Increase clicks by 236%

Results_Icons_Bar Chart.svg

Increase ROAS by 61%

Results_Icons_Bar Chart.svg

Increase Bing revenue by 23%

We’ve built a fantastic relationship with Mattress Next Day and are now considered to be an extension of its team.

What began as helping a business to get by has turned into a solid working relationship with a promising and fruitful future.

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