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Redefining Belbin's proposition online

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Behavioural expert Belbin helps organisations around the world get the best out of its employees.

With a growing global brand and expanding range of training services and products, Belbin wanted to gain a deeper understanding of its customers’ needs and subsequently redefine its proposition online.

The challenge

It was increasingly important that Belbin’s customers could easily find the products and services that were right for them. Creating a successful route to purchase was essential. To achieve this, we needed a deeper understanding of the needs of its customers.

Our solution

Our discovery phase helped us identify Belbin’s objectives, KPIs, target audiences and benchmark the brand against its competitors.

Crucially, the discovery phase highlighted the need to reinvigorate Belbin’s online presence, introducing tailored and relevant content for different customer groups and ensuring customers could find what they wanted on the site efficiently.


Focused on service

Our research revealed that Belbin’s pages had large levels of traffic but were generating few conversions. This was, in part, due to each page catering to all customers instead of targeting a specific and relevant few.

Our approach centred on introducing four key areas to the site: “Teams”, “Team Roles”, “Individuals” and “Training”. From there, we proposed a targeted range of services to sit within each of these areas.

This provided clarity on Belbin’s behavioural proposition and onsite click-through rates.


Services that tell stories

Each product and training option was structured clearly to help the customer make an informed purchase. This was cemented with sample reports, handouts, how-to sections, case studies and, importantly, guidance on how and what to purchase. We also refined the content relating to Belbin’s pricing structure making this simpler to understand.

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"A big thanks from all of us. The website looks fantastic and it’s now much clearer and easier to understand and buy our services. Overall, we’re thrilled!”

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