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Randstad UK are part of a multinational human resourcing organisation that also happens to be the world’s second largest HR service provider.

As a sales-focused company, led by thousands of recruitment consultants, they knew social media was important to their business, they just didn’t know how important. So, they asked us to find out and then come back with a strategy to use it to it's full potential across the UK, without detracting from their staff day-to-day goals. Well, you can’t just have everyone chatting on Facebook all day, can you?

The challenge

Following the Discovery phase, our challenge was to turn all of our insight into a strategy for Randstad to roll out throughout the UK, to enhance their social media presence and drive brand awareness and engagement with potential candidates. 


The discovery

We analysed market data and existing research, looking for trends, whilst also looking closely at their competitor's strategies to establish a broad SWOT status (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). We then spent time interviewing and work-shopping with Randstad’s consultants across the country to understand how social media was part of their day-to-day lives. 


Our solution

The ‘Employee Advocacy Programme’ was formed. It involved the recruitment of a test group of 175 front line recruitment consultants and the creation of the Postbeyond platform, which would later become the hub of all Randstad’s social media content. The thinking behind it was that one brand on social media can never be as powerful as thousands of individuals each representing it in their own way. 


UK wide rollout

The Employee Advocacy Programme is going from strength to strength as it continues to be rolled out across the UK.


Branded content initiatives

The programme is now supported by initiatives including engaging Randstad shareable content, which have been defined and designed around market data and trends to boost engagement with candidates and employers alike.

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