Set graphics to stun

A Star Trek-themed navigraphic for Music Magpie

Music Magpie is a leading recommerce company in the UK that allows users to cash in on their old CDs, DVDs, books, mobile phones and electronics online.

Music Magpie wanted the maximum number of influential referring domains and being shared across multiple social channels, so we set about creating an interactive concept that would deliver.

Our solution

With the cinema release of the Star Trek Into Darkness movie, we tapped into the rich visual heritage of Star Trek and created the ‘Science Fiction & Science Fact’ concept that compared technology featured in Star Trek to their modern equivalents. The project was built in javascript and HTML5, providing the most accessible way of viewing it on desktops and mobile devices.


An authentic experience

Our team re-created Captain’s bridges from three generations of the Starship Enterprise, animating them alongside official sounds from the Paramount Pictures archives. Hours of TV and movie footage was scoured to find useable reference material, as well as prop photos, to get the bridges and their environments as close as possible to their TV and movie appearances.


Science fiction and science fact

Users could go between three Enterprise bridges and flick through databanks of current technology and the Star Trek technologies that could have influenced them.

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Logical results

Our navigraphic has been beamed up onto 22 referring domains


Share long and prosper

Over 7000 engagements on the Mashable blog alone


Social and beyond

Over 100 positive engagements on Music Magpie's social channels

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