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An e-commerce success story for Mattress Online

Mattress Online asked us to help them stand out from the crowd and boost their online sales.

Seven years later and we’ve helped transform them into one of the biggest e-commerce success stories in their sector. 



The challenge

Mattress Online was in a hugely competitive market and their paid search campaigns were not working hard enough to generate the required level of income. We had to begin by improving their paid search performance, before looking at the long term goal of increasing their organic performance through SEO.


Our approach

First, we conducted an in-depth discovery into Mattress Online’s paid search account. This highlighted opportunities that could quickly turn the account round. In addition, we noticed neglected product ranges and non-brand terms that were low in competition, but would be high in immediate returns. Using our knowledge and experience, we got their paid search activity to give high returns at a low cost.


Our solution

Once we'd started seeing the positive results from paid search we used these insights to start creating a a case for SEO, setting out an organic search strategy that would deliver increased visibility, high traffic volumes and record breaking sales. Our ability to also reduce cost per acquisition and increase average order values through continued conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and testing ensured that our return on investment driven approach helped Mattress Online grow and grow.

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Overall traffic up 406%

Since we started our work, there's been a 406% increase in overall traffic


Organic traffic up 676%

Since we started our work, organic traffic has risen to a spring-breaking 676%

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Paid Search traffic up 319%

We've seen a pillow flipping 319% increase in paid search traffic

"We’ve been working with Enjoy Digital for several years and they have consistently met or exceeded our expectations. Their meticulous search strategy has enabled our online sales to flourish, but without sacrificing the ever important cost of sale. They continue to drive results through our paid and organic search activity by always suggesting new and innovative techniques and robust analysis of our data."

Mattress Online
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