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Tackling complex issues with Hudson Contract

Hudson Contract is a leading workplace audit and contract provider, which regularly draws attention to causes affecting the construction industry.

It wanted to raise awareness of an impending vote that would impact on thousands of construction firms for the next three years.

The challenge

Hudson Contract feel passionately about the effect the CITB levy has on smaller construction firms. It wanted to highlight the issues and struggles the levy creates and raise awareness of the upcoming vote which would determine its future. It was a complex topic that needed to be communicated in a clear and empathetic manner to a wide audience from sub-contractors to business owners.

Our solution

We produced an animated video which explained the impact of the levy and made it clear how it can change. Working closely with Hudson Contract, we produced a script that clearly communicated the complex themes. The script addressed the key issues the levy creates for construction firms and encouraged viewers to take action. 

Following the development of the script, we produced a detailed storyboard which further developed the message through the use of clever transitions and animation, strengthening and bringing the message to life. The result was a vibrant and engaging piece of content that clearly and concisely covered a range of complex issues.



Raising awareness

In order for the levy to change, construction firms needed to voice their concerns in large enough numbers to make a difference. This meant the video had to reach a wide but specific audience.

We chose to target senior staff and owners of small construction firms through a series of LinkedIn ads. To make sure we reached the wider construction community, we also ran a highly targeted campaign across Google Adwords. Finally, we promoted the video on YouTube to make sure it reached as many people as possible.

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Building leads

Within four weeks the video was viewed over 40,000 times and drove 89 qualified leads into the Hudson Contract team.


More to come

The campaign was such a success that we are working with Hudson Contract to produce a wider series of videos on a range of topics that impact the construction industry.

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