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An interactive Construction Pay Index tool for Hudson Contract

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For the last 20 years, Hudson Contract has specialised in providing auditing and payroll services for sub-contractors within the construction industry.

To further expand its status as an industry leader, and as part of our wider SEO strategy, we created an engaging and shareable piece of content to drive links, generate PR coverage and ultimately put Hudson on the map.


The challenge

We wanted to create a piece of content that would separate Hudson from their competitors and showcase their years of expertise and knowledge to a wider audience.

As we have worked with Hudson for numerous years, we know they excel at managing payroll data. Therefore, we decided to highlight Hudson’s payroll experience by taking their vast amount of data and turning it into a useful and interactive resource for anyone interested in the construction industry to use.


Our solution

Utilising Hudson’s payroll data, we created an interactive map which displays comparable pay trends over the last three years. Users can drill down into the map to find out the average weekly pay per region, trade and age on a monthly and yearly basis. 

Due to the sheer volume of data Hudson had, we created a unique CSV uploader within the CMS that would organise data into categories based on preset parameters. This ensures that maintaining the pay trends is quick and easy. All that Hudson needs to do is update the master CSV file on a monthly basis and upload it to the website.

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PR outreach

The tool uses data from over 825,000 workers and 2,000 companies, which we used to compare the average pay scale for various trades across the country.

Once we identified a series of news hooks around key data splits we created a press release which was tailored to different regions and trades. This was then circulated amongst trade and regional press to achieve maximum coverage and exposure.

Some key pieces of coverage on the Construction Pay Index include articles in Professional Builder, Pro Installer, The Construction Index, Lancashire Evening Post and the South Wale Argus.


Enjoying extensive circulation

The Construction Pay Index was featured in publications with circulations of 279,860.32


A success among regional and trade media

Hudson’s payroll tool achieved 32 pieces of media coverage


Reaching a wide audience

The payroll tool was featured in publications with an average readership of 95,565.69

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