A GIF for Christmas

Spreading seasonal joy with our custom GIF generator

Do you miss the bygone days where Christmas TV was a special event?

Do you remember when the arrival of the TV guide was a sign that Christmas had arrived? We do, and we wanted to bring that magic back with our Christmas project.

It's good to reminisce but we thought, wouldn't it be even better to be PART of Christmas TV?


Our Christmas GIF to you

After a festive ideas session, we settled on the idea of creating a Christmas themed GIF generator, which would put the user into a series of famous festive TV programmes, movies and music videos. This would be wrapped up in a nostalgic TV and magazine interface.


Nostalgia meets new technology

The user had the choice of uploading a mugshot of their choice, or taking one through the interface. Once a photo was decided upon, you could fine-tune your face position before letting the tool get on with generating the custom TV channels.


15 channels of seasonal fun

Once the TV channels had been "tuned-in", you could then see yourself added to 15 varied and humorous festive channels, ranging from "Merry Christmas Everyone" by Shakin' Stevens to the BEST Christmas movie ever, Die Hard. All supported by brutally frank synopses.


A time for sharing

Each channel was a very short, custom generated animated GIF which could be shared to Facebook, Twitter, or saved for later embarrassment. You could also share a unique link with friends so they could see your creation with all the retro trimmings.

To spread the festive cheer we promoted the project through paid social activity and email campaigns. We also outreached the GIF generator to relevant media, influencers and websites, with a view to sharing the magic of Christmas even further.


Getting into the spirit

Our gif generator helped spread festive cheer on 784 different occasions


They DO know it's Christmas!

The #AChristmasGif hashtag made 54,800 impressions, it even reached the North Pole!

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