There has never been as much data available to you as there is now. But where do you start, and how do you get the most out of it?

Get the most out of your data.

Build strategies, uncover insights, learn more about your customers, and better understand the future. All with the information you already have.

We work across the entire data science journey to distill insights that drive your business forward. Through a combination of AI, machine learning, neural networks, and a host of other methods, we help you understand the power of your data.


Introducing Scoop, our powerful end-to-end data service

We bring together data, analysis, science and visualisations into a single platform - Scoop.

Scoop gives you the business insight you need to drive success, but also uncovers opportunities for creative, insightful and market-leading content. All to provide you with insights you can understand and act on with confidence.

Scoop has four pillars.



The cornerstone of all of our data work, we create a clean and manageable single version of the truth from all data points. We securely store your cleaned data for integration with any systems, not just Scoop.

Data engineering


Beautiful management and marketing dashboards containing easy-to-understand data in charts, graphs and tables all ready for analysis.

How you can benefit from reporting

Bespoke analysis & visualisation

Bespoke pieces designed to answer key questions on specific topics of interest. See the bigger picture or the minute detail in your audience, sector, marketing and business data, as well as market-leading data-based content to drive customer engagement.


See the bigger picture

Data science

Automate process, solve challenges and predict behaviours by connecting the real world with data using maths, statistics, programming and business understanding.

Our data science approach

Our process is simple

  1. We work with you to understand your business
  2. We identify internal and external datasets that can be used to help find answers
  3. We analyse the data and create insights never seen before
  4. We use a variety of data visualisation techniques and tools to create dashboards - helping you quickly understand complex information
  5. Our insights uncover new revenue opportunities

Confidence in your data

We collect, process and interpret data to help you confidently adapt to challenging scenarios.

Automated processes remove human error, improving accuracy and making it easy for you to make quick, confident decisions.


A better return on investment

Get actionable insights based on accurate and dependable data from multiple sources, presented in a way that makes sense.

This insight helps you make decisions that positively impact business performance, saving you time.


Stand apart from the competition

We bring your data to life using creative data-led intelligence and insight to develop best-in-class processes, tools and content that can position you as a market leader.


Data security taken seriously

Your business critical data is in safe hands. Our ISO 27001 accreditation proves that we don’t leave data security to chance. 

Want to get the most from your data?

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Data Data Engineering

Is data driving you crazy? We transform your data sources into formats you can clearly understand.

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Data Dashboard reporting

We create beautiful interactive management and marketing dashboards.

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Data Bespoke analysis & visualisation

See the bigger picture or the intricate detail and get the real answers to your burning business questions.

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