Data Science

Get the most out of your data to build strategies, uncover insights, learn more about your customers, and better understand the future.

We work across the entire data science journey to create solutions that help drive your business forward.

We collate and cleanse data from multiple sources ready for analysis. Rather than providing you with huge spreadsheets, we focus on actionable insight and telling stories with data so it’s easy to make the right decisions backed by science. Our data visualisations help make everything easy to understand - de-mystifying data science.


Making data workable

A data scientist is only as good as the data they have access to. Data is often spread across multiple systems that don’t interact with each other, in different formats, often with missing information.

Often, 80% of time on data projects is spent making data ready for exploration. This is where data engineers come in. We create automated processes to take feeds of data, transforming it into useful formats that data scientists and analysts can readily use.


Uncovering opportunities

Our data analysts take the prepared data and use a variety of techniques to uncover trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in a mass of information.

Analysis can help prove or disprove concepts, ensuring that you’re always able to make progress and understand impact in greater detail.


Putting it into practice

Data science is a combination of mathematics, computer science and domain expertise to unlock the power of data in ingenious ways, solving problems with computational power that is way beyond human capability. 

Predominantly working in Python, we work closely with data engineers, analysts and visualisers to provide next-level insight, automation and predictions. We create real-world, practical tools, programs, and pieces of insight that help you make better marketing and business decisions. 

You might want to monitor competitor’s prices in real time, predict future sales, or work out what influences customer behaviour based on region. We can do that, and more!


Bringing it to life

Data visualisation is the final result of our analysis and science projects. We work with different teams to ensure the output is clear and straightforward, making it easy for you to explain to your stakeholders. 

Combining data and copy results in stories that take you on a journey through your data so you can reach your own conclusions. 

Each visualisation is interactive and brought to life through our Scoop platform.


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