Wimbledon 2017: What We Searched For

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For two weeks of the year we revel in our Britishness and cries of ‘come on Andy!’ can be heard through open windows. Wimbledon is a staple in the nation’s calendar and as we watch, we also spend a lot of time Googling related topics too. Here’s an overview of what we were searching for this Wimbledon 2017!

Our top seed is our top search

It turns out that we’re really interested in players. Unsurprisingly, Andy Murray was our most Googled player with a total of 550,000 searches. Romanian Simona Halep and our top female seed, Johanna Konta, both received 110,000 searches each, which can most likely be attributed to their quarter final showdown.

Indulging in strawberries and cream

Strawberries and cream is so loved at Wimbledon that the tennis club has actually subsidised the cost for the last decade to keep it as a low £2.50. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, search terms for the sweet treat typically increase by 81% during Wimbledon in comparison to the rest of the year.

Enjoying a refreshing glass (or three) of Pimms

It seems that the only time of year we enjoy a glass of Pimms is during Wimbledon. So much so that two years ago, the Telegraph reported a surge in cucumber crops to cater for Pimms and lemonade. That’s evidently the case again this year as searches for Pimms increased by 80% during the tournament.

Trying it for ourselves

It seems that we’re more interested in spectating than playing tennis though. Searches for tennis rackets and tennis court rentals only increased by 45% and 50% respectively throughout the tournament. While it’s fantastic that there’s still strong interest in playing the game, it seems like we’re more occupied with eating and drinking than being active. To see our full Wimbledon round-up, have a look at our infographic below.

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