Why your employees should be sharing your company content

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A growing number of companies are utilising the potential of their employees’ and their social networks to create positive conversations around their company and brand on social media.

It’s essentially word of mouth advertising for the digital age so it makes perfect sense to mobilise one of the greatest resources you have to support your marketing efforts – your employees. After all, they are likely to have large social media networks that go well beyond the reach of your business profiles.

This year, encouraging employees to participate in the communication efforts of the company has increasingly become a priority. In Altimeter’s research report the “State of Social Business” survey respondents indicated that employee-focused advocacy programs has grown 191% since 2013, with 45% of respondents naming it a top external objective.

Although adoption of employee advocacy programs using enterprise level tools has largely been from corporates there is no doubt every business, large or small can benefit from encouraging their employees to share their content. It’s certainly not a new strategy either, however, the more social media continues to flourish as a channel, the more companies are investing in social media training.

One of the key reasons that companies want to invest more in their employees social media efforts is due to the ‘pay to play’ era of social media for brand pages, where the only sure-fire way to be seen and make a true impact is to get on board and budget some social media spend.

Another important reason is that people are more likely to engage with individuals than brands, and its commonly known that they trust peer-to-peer recommendations from friends and family much more than advertising.

Dave Hawley, Writing for MarketingProfs.com, said that “Research from Cisco shows that employees have 10X more followers than corporate social accounts. What’s more, a 12% increase in brand advocacy generally generates a 2X increase in revenue growth.” In his article, Hawley goes on to say, “Take one Fortune 50 retailer that recently launched an employee advocacy program to thousands of its employees at its annual company meeting. This retailer has seen its program adoption double week over week. Moreover, its social media engagement increased 10X since the program launched.”

Thus, employee social media advocacy gives your business more reach, engagement and trustworthiness, which can really boost the bottom line; increasing brand awareness, share of voice and ultimately leads and sales.

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