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From a teenage gimmick to a marketing weapon, Snapchat has continuously grown in popularity and is here to stay.

With 400 million snaps taken per day, and 71% of its audience aged between 18 and 34, it’s safe to say it’s a platform for millennials.

Gone are the days where it’s only known for vanishing frisky photos, Snapchat continuously adds and changes features that have helped move it closer to an essential platform, gaining a wider demographic and a loyal fan-base.

This app separates itself from the rest with some unique and key features:

  • Storytelling through short bursts of authentic video
  • Direct messaging with built-in audio, video calling and sticker sending
  • Exclusive video content
  • Ability to see who has viewed the content

The 24-hour time frame of a ‘story’ gives a real, authentic impression, unlike edited platforms such as Instagram. Its recent ability to direct message, send stickers and video call makes it as interactive as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and might be something that leading messaging app WhatsApp needs to be worried about. It’s also launched features like Discover, which major brands like MTV, National Geographic and Refinery 29 are using as a marketing platform to connect with their fans. 

One of the best features, especially for brands, is the ability to view exactly who has seen your ‘snaps’

McDonald’s, Pepsi and Pandora have been using this to their advantage by creating campaigns tailored to their Snapchat audience.

You don’t need to look far to see more brands that are doing it right. Coffee shop giant, Starbucks, took to Snapchat to promote their new loyalty card, which cost $350,000 to feature a national one-day sponsored lens. However, a sponsored hashtag on Twitter can cost just as much and might not appeal to your audience like a fun snap.

Small brands, celebrities, and YouTube Bloggers aren’t breaking the bank to make a good impression but are still rocking it. By having just as much fun as their followers and humanizing their brand, this friendly advertisement proves to be beneficial to users as it doesn’t interrupt but interacts, gaining trust and loyalty from potential customers.

British high street retailer ASOS is also an expert when it comes to using this free app for creativity. It’s been snapping outfit ideas, office tours, discount codes and behind-the-scenes footage from catwalk events such as Fashion Week, since they joined in 2013.With thousands of global and local brands successfully using Snapchat to promote themselves, it would be a big mistake to ignore this app. If you’re trying to reach out to millennials, you need to embrace your creativity and get storytelling!

And just in case you’re wondering who to follow, I highly recommend Arnie:

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