What's New in Search? 3rd June 2016

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Welcome to our weekly round-up! Every week we discuss what’s been happening in the integrated world of Digital Marketing.


Alex discusses the new Google features affecting Search this week:

This week Google has released a couple of new features.

The first one has been added into the search console this week. Users are now able to group properties meaning they can group mobile apps, mobile website and desktop website data all in one property and see their combined data. This data includes visibility, clicks and impressions and it can all be viewed in one report. With Google heavily pushing mobile search and apps this year I imagine this data will be more valuable than ever. Thank you Google for making our lives so much easier!

Another new feature Google has released is a landing page that tests your website’s mobile friendliness and page speed. Currently Google has a tool which tests whether your site is mobile friendly however this goes into further detail providing you with a score from 0-100 on how friendly it actually is. This is broken down by the mobile speed, desktop speed, and the quality of the user experience. This includes features such as mobile friendly nav bars, tappable buttons, easy to find information and anything that will enhance the overall experience.

Search Engine Land have a more detailed post about this new feature which you can find here.


Giada looks at text adverts amongst other new features.

This week in the PPC world, the buzz has still been around the updates discussed in the Google Performance Summit which took place on the 24th May. Some of our favourites include the ‘expanded text adverts’ which should be rolling out later this year.

To recap, this update will mean a move from a 25-35-35 ad format to a 30-30-80 format with the first two lines of ad copy displaying as a double headline. Display URLs will also be allowed to include up to 2 directories.This is a significant increase in characters, which means that advertisers will be able to provide more meaningful information in their ad copy that can only help improve the quality of the traffic to the site.

I personally am glad that Google seems to have followed in Bing's footsteps when it comes to the replacement of 2 description lines with just one long line. No more mini tantrums caused by having to re-phrase or desperately search for shorter synonyms - hooray!

Another feature that we are excited to learn more about is the ‘Similar Audiences for Search’ update. Similar audiences are already available for the display network and they allow you to reach out to users who have similar interests and characteristics to those already on your remarketing lists. This update means that we will now also be able to target similar users based on their search query history which will be incredibly valuable as advertisers will know to bid more and make their ad copy stand out from the competition for those users who are clearly in the market for a particular product or service.


Patrick looks at Saatchi & Saachi – Operation Black Vote Campaign.

Although not strictly a PR campaign, we thought this was worth a mention as it’s been covered by the media everywhere!

Saatchi and Saatchi launched an advertisement for Operation Black Vote due to the upcoming referendum on Britain’s EU membership. Featuring an elderly lady being shouted at by a 1980s looking British skinhead, the pair are sat on a playground see-saw which portrays their equal power, appealing to black and ethnic minorities to register to vote.

Magnus Djaba, chief executive of Saatchi & Saatchi London, said: “This campaign turns its back on the usual political posturing and talks to the BAME community in a language we understand.” Highlighting that even a visual piece of advertising needs to provide the right tone of voice for its target audience.

The campaign has been discussed by politicians and celebrities alike, which was consequently widely covered by the national press.

Social Media

Beth looks at a #VoteIn fail played at on social.

A campaign launched by the #VoteIn campaign received backlash this week after being branded as “patronising” by its own target market of young voters.

The social media campaign launched by Tory education minister Sam Gyimah sees the deliberate misspelling of certain activities that it believes young people enjoy partaking in. Words such as ‘earnin’, ‘ravin’ and ‘shoppin’ appeared on the video along with a pounding techno beat before proclaiming that ‘Life’s better in the EU’.

The masses took to Twitter to complain about the campaign as many felt it to be condescending to younger voters.

Campaign managers claim that the main aim of the movement is to use a range of issues that young adults are seen to be passionate about and highlight how leaving the EU would impact them on a personal level. Despite the campaign having seemingly good intentions, it has been subject to relentless reproach and mocking disapproval across social media.


On a lighter note, Kathryn discusses Facebook Live’s new biggest star:

When Facebook launched its new Facebook Live platform a few months ago, it could never have predicted what would truly launch the live video streaming feature.

A hilarious video of a mix of Wookie gurgling and uncontrollable giggling has taken the internet by storm, thanks to an American mother showing off her latest purchase of a new Star Wars Chewbacca mask to her friends.


To date, with 1.5 million shares and over 50 million views, the clip has become the most popular Facebook Live video ever. With results like this, it would be hard for anyone not to be a ‘happy Chewbacca’.

Stay tuned for more updates on the world of Search!

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