What's New in Search? 22nd April 2016

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Welcome to our weekly round-up! Every week we discuss what’s been happening in the integrated world of Digital Marketing.

Social Media

We are amused- Kathryn reviews how brands celebrated the queen’s royal birthday:

With our longest reigning monarch celebrating her royal Birthday yesterday, leading brands took to Twitter to capitalise on the media interest and social buzz around this incredible milestone.

The Tetley Tea Folk posed outside of Buckingham Palace, raising a cuppa to ‘her majesTEA’:

Jaffa Cakes honoured the UK’s most famous face, with a nod to the Queen’s portrait which has graced our coins for nearly a century:

A Burger King restaurant on Tottenham Court Road became ‘Burger Queen’ in a royal birthday rebrand (customers with the Burger King app were also offered a Chicken Royale burger):

Betty’s Tea Rooms have also been serving up a treat with Corgi-shaped biscuits, for the dog loving monarch:

With the hashtag #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty trending yesterday, Brandwatch reported that the Queen received over 40,000 ‘Happy Birthday’ Twitter mentions by 10am on the big day:


Ice, ice baby! Kathryn discusses how Coors Light’s latest campaign instalment is set to be pretty cool:

In a new video released today to support the new integrated campaign, mullet-wielding Jean Claude Van Damme is back in his pursuit of mimicking the ice-cold refreshment of a Coors Light.

Battling the frozen tundra and demonstrating some cool ski-ing moves in his loafers whilst being pulled along by Huskies, Van Damme journeys to find an ice rave cave:

Revellers across the UK and Europe can also attend a free ice rave cave, set to pop up in cities such as Birmingham as part of the experiential campaign.

A great way to keep cool as the weather starts to turn up the heat for the summer.


Alex considers the influence click through rate has on organic rankings:

An interesting article by Moz was a lengthy read filled with stats. The main point was that if you are ranking in the top 3 results in the organic listings, and if you can begin to get more clicks on your listing than the first or second results, then Google will acknowledge this and will leap-frog you to the top of the rankings above your competitors. Seems logical, so it must be true!

The Rise of Mobile:

Every year mobile is becoming more important and a higher priority for Google, and 2016 is no different. One of the ways Google has done this is with the introduction of Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in February this year.

These pages are only visible when searching using a mobile device and are streamlined pages designed to load extremely fast. Google has stated that it will prioritise an AMP page over a standard page in the mobile SERPs.

In addition to this, the search results have slightly changed in the mobile SERPs, as AMP pages also show in a pack similar to the knowledge graph results, images and the app pack. This seems to be quite new and just around popular news topics so far. The example below shows the results for a search for ‘Prince’:

Searching on my mobile it is clear this is now in full force as the mobile SERPs are dominated by pages that contain an AMP URL and are consequently ranking in the higher positions.


This week in PPC, Giada  also focuses on mobile:

With half of all Google’s searches globally now performed on mobile devices, and the release of the updated SERP layout aimed at closing the gap between the desktop and mobile user experience, paid search opportunities available on mobile are now greater than ever.

When it comes to mobile revenue, a large portion of this is tied to app promotion (Facebook in particular has seen high levels of success through app downloads), so it doesn’t surprise us that Apple is currently working on an AdWords-like product for the App Store.

Google’s annual Livestream of Adwords and Analytics, scheduled on the 24th May, also promises to announce new mobile features and updates.

One of the talking points on the agenda is said to be around universal app campaign developments. So it will be interesting to see whether Google’s solution for app promotion can keep up the pace with Apple’s version (when it’s eventually released).

Conversion Tracking Updates:

A recent update to the AdWords conversion tag will help advertisers reduce the number of duplicate conversions and report more accurately on them.

By making a few edits to the tag code (details available here) and instructing it to collect order IDs, advertisers can filter out any repeat visits to a conversion page from the same device. For example, customers returning to the confirmation page to check the details of their order.

Stay tuned for more updates on the world of Search!

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