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This week we welcome our new intern Beth, who will be joining the PR and content team for the next month. This is her review of Carlsberg’s latest campaign to reward kind football supporters:

Carlsberg has just launched its new campaign, in time for the 2016 Euro’s. Keeping in with the football theme, Carlsberg is offering rewards of 'substitutes' for those fans who carry out an act of kindness, with the tag line “if Carlsberg did substitutions…they’d probably be the best in the world”. Carlsberg took its campaign to the London Underground. With the help of hidden cameras, it was possible to capture the compassion of those commuters who chose to sacrifice their seat for an elderly man. Little did the public know that this 'elderly' man was actually Sky Sport's commentator Chris Kamara in disguise! People who forfeited their seat then received an upgrade…a seat to watch England in the 2016 Euro’s, which is due to kick off in June:

Carlsberg is also providing the chance for social media fans to win a seat at the Euros. To enter the competition, entrants must follow Carlsberg on Twitter and then tweet with #SubMeOn to win. We think this integrated PR and Social campaign, with the help of 'Kammy', will provide a big hit with fans this summer.


In the latest PPC news, Giada reviews Moz’s new keyword explorer tool:

Recently, we've been looking into formalising our keyword research process and finding the best tools for it, so when Moz released its new keyword explorer tool (KWE), we were keen to find out what all the fuss was about. The KWE is said to amalgamate data from a wide range of sources including the Keyword Planner Tool, Google Suggest and Related Searches, which marketers previously had to access manually and individually. Alongside the standard volume and difficulty SEO metrics, with 'difficulty' being an indicator of how hard it is to rank above current competitors appearing on the first page, the KWE offers some unique metrics i.e. 'Opportunity', 'Importance', and 'Potential' (see image below).

The Opportunity score estimates the CTR of organic listings for your selected keyword, while the Importance metric is a custom score which you can assign to keywords based on how critical they are to your campaign. The Potential metric is a combination of all other metrics and gives you a holistic view on how valuable and relevant a keyword is to your project. The feature I personally find most attractive is the supposed accuracy of the data. Moz states that the KWE uses anonymised clickstream data from nearly one million real searchers in the US and can estimate the search volume range a keyword is likely to have with around 95% accuracy. If true, this could help us a great deal when it comes to pulling together projections for clients.

Ad Editor updates:

There was an AdWords Editor update last week. Version 11.4 now allows you to create and manage display app install campaigns, set frequency capping for display adverts, and edit app and review extensions. Similar to AdWords, Bing Ads have finally introduced a segment tab on the Campaign page. This means that you can now look at your performance data by time, network, device and by where your ads appear (top vs other) without having to navigate to the Report section.

Live demo of Adwords redesign:

Google have confirmed that we will be taken through a live demo of the new AdWords redesign during Google’s annual Performance Summit on 24th May. We're hoping that the AdWords team have heeded PPCers' wishes by including new functionalities; such as custom columns at keyword level, graph annotations and the ability to maintain filters when moving across different levels (e.g. campaign, ad group, keyword).


This week at Enjoy Digital we had a visit from Kerboo. Alex discusses some of this tool’s exciting features:

For those who don’t know what Kerboo is, it’s a link building tool. It’s a powerful tool which allows you to review backlink profiles, search for new websites, and monitor existing links and much more. The feature I found most interesting is ‘Investigate’. This tool is really cool as it allows you to research a competitor’s entire backlink profile. Once you are in the backlink profile there is a pie chart which tags the links by quality. You can then add the ‘good’ links to the investigate list. Once here, you are then able to preview the sites and where the links are placed. Adding the sites also gives you the contact details to save you more time. This is a really effective, efficient way to source new sites and opportunities for your content team.

Google’s latest AMP updates:

There have been a few other updates in Google this week. First of all there is an update on the AMP report section in the Google search console. This report has now made it easier to spot any errors that may be occurring with your AMP pages. Interestingly, in the Holiday sector, Google have dropped rich snippets from airline websites such Expedia and Trip Advisor. This has happened as these holiday sites have been mis-using its product mark up, as they have been previously providing inaccurate prices.

Stay tuned for more updates on the world of Search!

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