What’s New In Search? 8th April 2016

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Welcome to our weekly round-up! Every week we discuss what’s been happening in the integrated world of social, content marketing, PR, PPC and SEO.


Kathryn discusses the new ‘Playground Politics’ campaign, changing perceptions for the Green Party:

A new party political broadcast this week aims to raise awareness of the Green Party as the party of choice for your vote in the local elections in May.

The video broadcast is a humorous twist on the usual childish put-downs and mud slinging dished out in the House of Commons. The Greens have taken a different approach in an attempt to rise above the political rabble and canvas for votes.

Presenting Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians as unruly and bickering children, the campaign demonstrates the futility and hilarity of ‘playground politics’. It also portrays the message ‘If you think it’s time for #GrownUpPolitics then share this video and vote Green on 5th May 2016’.

If the Green Party would be as good as this video, then they’ve got my vote!

Content Marketing

Kathryn reviews how Barclays is on the ball with their last title football campaign:

The end of an era is near, as Barclay’s 15-year contract as the title sponsor for Premier League football draws to a close. Not one to go quietly, Barclays is launching its last big campaign, ‘I Am The One’, to mark its departure as the lead league sponsor.

Barclays is looking for a devoted football fan to present the coveted trophy to the winning team at the end of the season in May through its new ‘Spirit of the Game’ competition, asking entrants to state the football club they support, and why they should be the one to present the Barclays League Trophy.

Brand Republic reports ‘Barclays will also be launching further ads featuring current and former footballers across TV, social media and outdoor ads in football stadiums’.

We’re curious as to what will happen if a Spurs fan has to present the title to Arsenal!


After the recent Phantom update, Alex explores how to improve content and increase rank worthiness:

Last week there was a really interesting Whiteboard Friday where Rand Fishkin discussed ways in which you can increase the quality of your content. The most useful tip from this is the importance of displaying your content to suit your audience’s needs.

For example, if you were looking for the best PlayStation 4 games, you wouldn’t expect to find long articles with huge blocks of text. You would expect to find short articles in the SERP’s, such as lists of the top 10 PlayStation 4 games; broken down in to segments with ratings, images etc.

It’s important to understand what your audiences are looking for, so your content should be tailored to answer the query. You can get an understanding of the results Google displays when you are trying to rank for a specific keyword. Clicking on the top results, investigating the types of content displayed, and seeing the common themes Google ranks highly, are a great way to increase your rank worthiness.

Keeping it Local:

An interesting test was spotted in Google on the local pack results. Usually in the SERP’s the local results are shown in a 3 pack. The results list the business name, address, star rating and business type. However, an additional line of information has been seen, which extracts a snippet of a review of your business. The dangerous part of this is that Google is extracting random reviews and therefore this can include a bad review from a person who may have only submitted one review, rather than someone who has built up a profile and become a reliable source.


Giada shops around for the latest AdWords Updates to the Products Tab for Shopping Campaigns:

A new product status column has been added which allows you to see whether your product is ready to serve, is inactive or has been disapproved within the AdWords interface.  This will help identify whether any decrease in sales or loss in revenue may be due to inventory issues, without always having to refer to your Google Merchant Center account.

However, if you find that a product has been disapproved, you still are required to login to the Merchant Center and use the Products and Diagnostics tabs to see specifically what needs to be changed in the feed.

According to an article on Search Engine Land, an ‘effective max CPC’ column has also been added and allows users to make bid adjustments on single products. Although, I have yet to see this feature appear in any of our accounts.

New shopping metrics have also been added to AdWords Report Editor, making it easier to segment and visualise shopping data; such as profitability by product brand:

Bing Campaign Analytics For Conversion Tracking Drawing to an End:

Campaign Analytics will no longer be supported from the end of June. All accounts using Campaign Analytics goals will automatically be migrated to Universal Event Tracking (UET) goals.

UET allows you to use just one tag to track all your goals and conversions, and it also serves as a Remarketing tag, allowing you to target previous site visitors when they search on Bing.

Stay tuned for more updates on the world of Search!

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