What’s new in Search? 19th February 2016

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Welcome to our weekly round-up! Every week we discuss what’s been happening in the integrated world of social, content marketing, PR, PPC and SEO.


Laura looks at how fashion brands are working hard for attention on the catwalk and on social media, with Instagram turning heads during London Fashion Week:

With the official launch of London Fashion week, buzz around the hashtag #LFW2016 indicates Instagram will be more popular than Twitter at this year’s event, with 5,602 Instagram posts using #LFW2016 in the month leading up to London Fashion Week 2016, compared with just 1,178 Twitter mentions.

Twitter’s declining status at the event could be attributed to the platform’s waning popularity, and the stratospheric rise of Instagram as the fashionista’s social media platform of preference.


Continuing the fashion theme, Kathryn reviews how fitness tech is becoming more wearable:

Fitbit is finding a new fit for their wearable tech brand by repositioning their range as coveted fashion items. Marketing Week discusses this is in an effort to “be seen as beautiful and something that fits with your outfits – not just as a niche fitness accessory”.

Mintel reported that three million people in the UK bought smartwatch tech in 2015, and this aesthetic-led smartwatch innovation will create an increased trend of designing fitness trackers as truly wearable tech.

Content Marketing

The big news this week is that we may have seen the ‘the death of TV and print’. Kathryn reviews how the Independent and BBC Three are focusing their efforts online:

The Independent:

As the UK’s first newspaper to fully move from print to online, the key challenge will be to increase the appeal and importance of the Independent’s editorial content to effectively compete in the digital world.

The Drum states “The trend for moving content online is now well established for publishers, who use it to increase their revenues”, and it will be interesting to see how they can strike the balance of gaining enough investment from ads (including video, native and display) to finance the move, without alienating their readership.

BBC Three:

With a younger audience defecting from standard TV viewing to digital content consumption, BBC Three has removed its channel to also become digital-only, with a new logo to boot, in an effort to connect with digital-savvy millennials.

BBC Three will now be competing against American content platforms, such as Apple TV and Netflix , and Digiday comments that the BBC “will have to pay rigorous attention to things like watch times and audience retention” to continue to produce distinctive and relevant content in order to be popular with its target audience and be a significant contender for short-form digital content in the UK.


Last but certainly not least, Giada delves into what’s new in PPC this week:

AdWords Campaign Drafts and Experiments:

Drafts is a feature that allows you to make edits to a campaign in the account without affecting its performance. You can choose to apply your draft to the original campaign, or you can opt to test the draft version further against the original campaign in Experiments. It will be interesting to test this feature.

AdWords Portfolio Bid Strategies:

Semantic and functional changes to the AdWords automated bidding feature now includes the ability to set different CPA targets for separate ad groups.

Structured Data Advert Creation:

Lastly, we love this recent article by SearchEngineLand on structured data and how to use it to automate advert creation. This is achieved through the use of dynamic keyword insertion and ad customisers, to facilitate account management through AdWords scripts.

Stay tuned for more updates on the world of Search! 

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