What’s new in Search? 15th February 2016

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Welcome to our weekly round-up! Every week we discuss what’s been happening in the integrated world of social, content marketing, PR, PPC and SEO.

PR and Social Media

This Sunday was Valentine’s Day, and with plenty of brands utilising this day of romance to push their product offerings, Kathryn discovers how one of the UK’s favourites spread the love through an effective Facebook app:

Marmite provided personalised Marmite jars for that special someone this Valentine’s Day. Shared with the hashtag #LoveItHateItNameIt, its Facebook app allowed smitten spreaders to choose a name or a phrase (10 characters or less) to share their mutual love of Marmite with their Valentine, and the love didn’t stop there. The phrase ‘A Pot of Love’ replaced the traditional ‘Yeast Extract’ tag line, and the promotional products were also available with the choice of message of ‘Love me or hate me, I’m yours’, or just a good old ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ on the new red label decked with hearts and flying cupids.

Retailing at £4.99 a jar, these could be personalised and purchased using the Facebook page app  which also auto-generates a visual of the jar which could be shared socially. However, you may have been disappointed if you and your partner use overly cringey pet names like ‘bae’, ‘snookums’ and ‘baby cakes’; these terms were banned from the app. A bold move for a brand which openly embraces love-hate attitudes towards its spread.

In other news, what is going on with Twitter? It has been sparking confusion and disappointment amidst rumours and discussions that it is moving away from what makes it unique as a social channel.

In an article entitled ‘What the hell is going on with Twitter?’, eConsultancy discussed how Twitter seems to be losing touch with its user base, following a dip in share price performance and figures released that more and more tweeters are migrating to alternative platforms, such as Instagram.

Now it seems that Twitter wishes to follow in Facebook’s footsteps, with an algorithmic update which only shows you tweets in your timeline which Twitter thinks you want to see, rather than what is currently happening in real-time. This is upsetting users who enjoy trending conversations and reading about events and breaking news ‘as it happens’.

The article also covers a few other new interesting features. Reactions have certainly been mixed.


There have been some interesting reads in the SEO world this past week, that has left Alex with raised eyebrows:

In an article on SearchEngineLand, Stoney de Geyter has given some great pointers on approaching onsite SEO for your website, focusing on prioritising on 6 different areas of the site.

One of the most interesting points is implementing unique content and avoiding duplication – something often overlooked by ecommerce sites, which continue to just copy and paste manufacturer product descriptions or share the same duplicated content.

As mentioned in the article, it’s important to make your content unique to improve your SEO performance. With more and more content based updates occurring in Google, such as Phantom, this should be a primary focus.

Obviously there is more to think about as a whole, but the article is a great starting point on the basics.

Content Marketing

A further article written by Graham Charlton on SearchEngineWatch talks about reviewing content and the metrics behind which we measure its success.

Rather than just seeing how your articles have impacted your rankings or gained you links, it is important to look deeper into the other KPIs that can be analysed. Whilst increased rankings are great, metrics such as average session time, traffic to the page, bounce rate and scroll percentage, can give you further insights into your audience and how effectively your onsite content is performing.

Stay tuned for more updates on the world of Search! 

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