What’s New In Search- 11th March 2016

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Welcome to our weekly round-up! Every week we discuss what’s been happening in the integrated world of social, content marketing, PR, PPC and SEO.

Content Marketing

This week, Kathryn reviews ‘big’ content in the build-up to Easter:

Asda has been laying on the fun with its Easter product offering, by launching a spoof video content-led campaign.

It centres on a giant chocolate hen (#GiantHen), which is responsible for laying all of Asda’s chocolate eggs for Easter:

The integrated campaign is being supported with TV, press, outdoor, radio, social media efforts, and a mock online news channel- News HD.

It’s captured the imagination, with bird enthusiasts Bill Oddie and Chris Packham both revealing on Twitter that there was a giant chocolate hen on the loose!

One disappointed tweeter was quick to note that there was no actual large chocolate hen at Asda, but this would have made a great experiential feature to support the campaign!


Kathryn discusses how Microsoft used positive PR to celebrate and support International Women’s Day:

Microsoft’s twist on #IWD2016 is a video showing how male inventor’s names spring easily to mind, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein, but when girls were asked for examples of female inventors there is a knowledge gap:

The campaign, released across 35 countries and utilising online and social media, aims to highlight that not everything is ‘man-made’. There are a multitude of women who have all contributed to technological and medical advances; such as Ada Lovelace who invented the first computer algorithm, making all of our digital work possible.

The aim of the campaign is to inspire more women to work in scientific fields, with Microsoft encouraging young women to #MakeWhatsNext and visit its website https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/girlsdoscience/ to gain ideas and information, to inspire the next female generation to change the world.

Paid Search

Giada explains how Google is testing its mobile PLA ads for desktop:

The change in online shopping behaviours, namely the increase in users looking to purchase in between tasks and while they are on the go; the so-called ‘micro-moments’ phenomenon, has led to shopping adverts being optimised on mobile before desktop.

Mobile plays a key part in driving in-store purchases, nicely illustrated in the screenshot below, which shows labels indicating how far the shop is and whether the product is available in store:

The latest test includes bringing the scrollable carousel format for PLAs to desktop, as well as a numbering or ranking features for search queries, including the terms ‘top’ or ‘best’.

So it’s nice to see that Google is finally bringing some of these mobile features to desktop.

Quality Score Dissected:

We all know the key factors that determine quality score i.e. historical CTR, landing page relevancy and advert relevancy but this article shows how it is possible to understand the weight of each factor.

Organic Search

Alex considers the latest news set to impact the way Google views Search:

There’s an interesting article on Distilled, entitled Google to announce that links no longer a major ranking factor. The title is slightly mis-leading, however it discusses how the algorithm is changing.

There are many important individual signals when Google determines the rankings in the SERP’s. Currently RankBrain is an individual signal, much like links, which help the ranking signals.

The article predicts that RankBrain (Google’s machine learning) will now determine the search results. Therefore link factors and other signals will now feed into RankBrain and the AI will determine the search results, rather than the current human-tweaked algorithm.

New tool available in Moz Pro:

Another article, which was recently posed on Moz, talks about a brand new tool available in Moz Pro. The tool is called Related Topics, which helps you understand how search engines understand both topics and phrases. The tool helps you to build deeper content, improve topical authority, find more keyword ideas and how to better understand the SERP’s. For a guide to use it click here.

Page Rank has been removed- it’s official!

Finally, Google has officially finally removed Page Rank! Not that anyone actually pays attention to it anymore.

Stay tuned for more updates on the world of Search!

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