What is Meerkat?

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Stop! I know what you’re thinking…the last thing we need is another social media app to have to learn, get used to, and keep up with using, right?

Well actually, this is a really awesome tool, and will just become a way of life like so many apps have before it.

What is Meerkat?

Meerkat was launched on 10th March and it’s an extremely simple app which allows you to effortlessly live stream your own videos through Twitter from either your iPhone or iPad.

Meerkat is based on the idea that anyone with a smart phone and Twitter account can become a ‘journalist’. Rather than just tweeting about and using the popular hashtag around a topic or event, people can now stream in real time at the click of a button.

It is free on the app store and simply connects to your smartphone/smart device camera. Once in the app you press the button to stream, with an option to add text to your tweet.

As soon as your video starts a tweet will be sent out for all your followers, or people following that particular hashtag, to see, and a live stream will be created for the world to view. Simples.

As a viewer the stream is in real time, meaning you watch it as it happens and cannot rewind the video. Your video can be saved to your phone to be uploaded at a later date, which would then enable viewers to rewind.

Meerkat has already grown at warp speed levels, with over 100,000 downloads in its first week, and it’s clear it has already gone viral, with brands such as Red Bull already getting creative in promoting their snowboarding event #doublepipe

What is Meerkat?

It’s even growing in popularity amongst celebrities such as Jared Leto and Jimmy Fallon, who is already huge user, most recently ‘meerkatting’ St. Patrick’s Day.

Since its release it has received huge amounts of attention, originally through the SXSW event. The app has received even more publicity since Twitter has removed Meerkat’s access to their social graph. Previously, Meerkat was able to access your Twitter followers and use their information to connect with them. Twitter removed Meerkat’s access due to a conflict of interest.

Twitter have recently purchased a similar app called Periscope and they have since deemed Meerkat as a direct competitor, which consequently lead to them removing Meerkat’s access. This has put a spanner in the works, but it hasn’t stopped Meerkat from being able to send tweets or stemmed its popularity, with Meerkat users increasing by 30% following the Twitter crackdown.

It will be interesting to see how the app will be used and how it will grow over time. It will be a great tool for news broadcasters being able to show trending topics over Twitter, so everyone can have a constant live visual. It could also be used for interviews from events such as film or music festivals for an insider view, or sport stars or celebrities sending messages to their fans. It could also be used in the marketing industry to show off or tease a new product, or even stream conferences. The opportunities are endless! We’ll be excited to see how Meerkat will join the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat in the ever growing list of essential social apps.

What is Meerkat?

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