What CMS is right for your company?

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I’ve been asked ‘what is the best CMS?’ a lot by clients this week, the answer always comes down to what is the best CMS taking into account your company operations, business objectives, back-end system dependencies and budget.

To identify the best CMS, make a list of;

  • What functionality you want your website to deliver
  • What systems it needs to integrate with
  • Types of data it needs to handle
  • Amount of data it needs to hold

By using this list you can compare it against multiple CMS’ and rule in or out different solutions, be cautious of companies only offering one CMS.

The next step is identifying a budget that you can afford now and in the future, if the solution isn’t scalable to adapt with changes to your business then you can be looking at an expensive rebuild further down the line.

If you have a 3 or 5 year plan for your business, you should be looking to build the functionality that you want to achieve in the future into your website at the very beginning. It is like when you buy a house, you don’t want to have it beautifully decorated to then realise you need to knock a load of walls down and change the floorplan.

We go through a robust discovery phase to identify the best CMS and solution for every project taking into account all the points I have made above, take a look at some of the clients we have done it for www.enjoy-digital.co.uk/work/.

If you have any questions, drop me a message.

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