Webinar: Automation vs Human Touch

Enjoy Digital
By Enjoy Digital
3 minutes to read

In a world where there’s a tool for almost everything, Robert and Simon from Enjoy Digital explain why the human touch (combined with some automation) is best.

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They don’t have anything against automation, but when it comes to user experience and user research, it’s best to proceed with caution and provide a mix of the two.

What you'll learn from this webinar:

  • Robert and Simon will cover how their integrated approach works best, with Robert working in UX research and Simon working in UX design – the pair talk challenges and coming together, partly due to their challenges over automated research and accessibility tools.
  • They’ll give examples of projects they’ve worked on where automated tools just wouldn’t give the full picture and why.
  • Finally what methods they would recommend for UX and automation projects, making sure you are able to understand how they can integrate together to find the right balance.

The Experts:

Robert Jones - Research Manager

Robert is Research Manager at Enjoy Digital where he leads the user research team which helps clients to solve their challenges through user testing, interviews, surveys and any other qualitative or quantitative research that's appropriate.

Simon Read - Senior UX Designer

Simon is Senior UX Designer at Enjoy Digital, working alongside the wider UX team to produce creative visuals and interactive wireframes. Our UX team combines data analysis and user testing with creative insight to give a more integrated approach.

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