The SODA reveals digital trend predictions for 2014

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Earlier this month SODA revealed the second of their bi-annual trend reports for 2013, which features articles written by some of the most influential minds in the digital marketing world.

The SODA Report has become one of the most popular digital trend publications in the world, with over 140,000 views per issue.

In this latest issue, SODA’s elite members, partners and industry leaders provide insights of the latest digital innovations, and the blurring boundaries of digital marketing, customer service and product design.

Revealed within the 138 pages of insight and wisdom were a few essays which particularly caught our attention, including;

The Digital Agency Paradox: Teaching clients to do what we do.

There is a growing shift of agencies moving away from just being suppliers, to now becoming partners. Instead of just creating things, they are now asked to offer strategic guidance, employee training and mentoring, so that clients can enhance their inhouse skills and capabilities.

This is something we already believe and provide at Enjoy Digital. We often advise clients at board level, and use our insight driven digital marketing processes to proactively create new ideas which drive our clients forward.

(For more, see page 14 of the report)

Brands: How to get Agile with Your Agency

Brands and marketers want deeper partnerships with their agencies, but realising that goal can be a problem. The good news is that agencies are changing and moving towards using a team-centric “agile” model which speeds innovation cycles and can provide much better results.

At Enjoy we use a mixture of Agile and Waterfall project management, which creates a close working relationship with our clients whilst driving efficiency, innovation and problem solving.

(More on page 26)

The Ever Shrinking Purchase window

Due to the vast amount of information available on demand, shoppers are increasingly confident making major product purchasing decisions in significantly shorter periods of time. Most shoppers are now comfortable deciding which products to buy across a wide variety of categories, sometimes within a single day!

Smartphone users feel particularly empowered about making product purchase decisions across all categories of shopping; including technology, appliances, financial services and home décor, not just when they use their phones for shopping.

(Keep reading on page 30) 

Cultivating a Brand, One Online Community at a Time

Consumers define brands, and the saturation of social media allows the amplification of popular opinion across global audiences. Companies are attempting to leverage and promote positive brand reflections through the use of listening and adhering to consumer behaviour and their wants and needs, allowing these insights to further drive their brand innovation, communication planning and marketing strategy.

(Read more on page 48)

The Personalisation of everything

While many companies are collecting masses of customer data, most brands do not use this effectively to their advantage, or at all. This will change over the next few years, as the ‘Personalization of Everything’, such as via facial recognition, CRM and digital screen technology, becomes more of a reality.

Behavioural analysis tools are now maturing to the point where they can quite accurately predict what customers are likely to buy and then potentially want next, and we can then personalize their experience to match.

(See page 68 for further reading)

You can find the full The SODA 2014 Digital Trend Predictions presentation here and it is available for free download.

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