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Emojis, whether we like it or not, are having a huge impact on the marketing world. Considered to be the world's fastest-growing digital language, brands have been starting to build emojis into their digital marketing.

Why is this important? With the popularity of ad blockers on the rise, advertisers and digital marketers must find new and creative ways to reach consumers. With an estimated 2.08 billion smartphone users across the world, companies should put more emphasis on their social channels and their users. Communication needs to be instant, be relevant, and be memorable.

There's an expression about pictures > words we've all heard, and in an increasingly connected world, emojis are particularly useful when communicating to a multi-cultural market - allowing marketing to traverse the language barrier and communicate a message or idea in seconds. Studies show visuals are processed much faster than words (, and adding emojis to your marketing can help viewers’ process information faster and make your content more memorable. Two extremely sought attributes in an increasingly over-saturated media.

 We've compiled a few examples below, showing how brands have used emojis in creative and effective ways:

1. Domino’s Pizza AnyWare

Following an increase in online orders through their app, Domino's were looking to make the process of ordering a pizza even easier on any device. After registering for an Easy Account and specifying your pizza preferences, customers are able to tweet the Pizza emoji to @dominos and, as if by magic, your pizza can be created and dispatched to your registered address.


2. Spotify gets The Beatles

Beatles on Spotify

To celebrate The Beatles finally available to stream online, Spotify launched an emoji-driven engagement campaign, where users could unlock playlist recommendations by tweeting with #BeatlesOnSpotify and a chosen emoji. For example, the blue car emoji unlocked the "Long and Winding Road" playlist, and the heart unlocked "All You Need Is Love."

Emojis to unlock Beatles songs

Spotify wasn’t the only streaming platform to bring The Beatles to its listeners, Spotify succeeded in bringing The Beatles to a new online audience through their unique marketing.

3. WWF #EndangeredEmoji campaign

Last year WWF launched a first of its kind, Twitter-based fundraising campaign to help increase support for the charity and its fantastic cause. Using 17 animals that are included in the standard emoji alphabet and are endangered in the real world, users were encouraged to sign up, and participants would pay 10p each time they used one of the #endangeredemoji animals in a tweet, as a voluntary monthly donation.

Endangered Emoji

And finally...

To celebrate the release of Deadpool in the cinemas, Marvel took the use of emojis offline by unveiling a witty and creative billboard advert in LA, which both showcased the character and spoke perfectly to its target audience:

Deadpool Advertisement

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