The Internet of Things and The Connected Home

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The ‘Internet of Things’ has become a bit of a buzz-word in the tech world.

It refers to everyday objects that are connected to the internet, and one of the biggest growing areas of the ‘IoT’ is ‘The Connected Home’ or ‘Smart Homes’.

With the introduction of technology such as Nest and the announcement of Nest’s ‘partnership programme,’ the opportunities for turning the everyday home into a ‘smart home’ are becoming more and more apparent.

The Internet of Things and The Connected Home

Eero, a new start-up, are already creating a stir in this sector – taking in more than $1 million in orders for their new Wi-Fi product. Eero is based on the premise that one router can’t cover an entire home, so their sleek and small devices can be placed around the home to give multiple access points.

Eero promises to provide full Wi-Fi coverage, even targeting those pesky deadspots. But it’s the additional features that we’re most excited by here at ED! In particular the fact that you can send your Wi-Fi login info to your friends straight from your mobile via text message – no more rifling through drawers to find that scrap of paper with the password on!

The Internet of Things and The Connected Home

In case you’re wondering how you’re going to manage all the technology that makes up your Connected Home, look no further than the handy app – IFTTT!

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a mobile app and web service that allows you to create chains of simple commands called ‘Recipes’. These could be anything from synchronising your social media activity – “If I post on Instagram, post the image to Twitter as a native image”,   to celebrating your birthday with blinking lights! – “If it’s my birthday, turn my lights on then off.”

IFTTT has teamed up with a number of third parties, including Nest, WeMo and SmartThings, allowing you to control everything; from your heating and lights, to your locks and even your coffee pot!

The possibilities for the Internet of Things is seemingly endless, and here at ED we’ll be watching closely as companies continue to unveil their visions for The Connected Home!

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