The importance of engaging with digital audiences throughout London Fashion Week

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With the highlight of every fashionistas calendar upon us, we are increasingly seeing major high street brands harness the power of digital marketing during London Fashion Week and what better time to do so…

During London Fashion Week 2014, there were over 250,000 uses of the official #LFW hashtag; this increased for AW15 this year where there were 350,800 mentions of #LFW on Twitter which generated 2.5 million impressions. The fashion event of the year is no longer just about showcasing the latest collection, it has rapidly become about harnessing the opportunity for brands to engage with their consumers digitally!

With the run up to Christmas rapidly approaching, it is the ultimate time for high street brands to create a digital “buzz” around this seasons “must haves”. Year on year we have seen an increase in social interaction between brands and consumers. Fashionista’s wait all year for LFW and if they’re not sat on the front row, the likes of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are their go to place. Thanks to the power of digital they are not only able to shop the catwalk instantly but they now feel a part of the event.

As social plays such a large part in everybody’s day-to-day lives, it’s no wonder we have come to believe it’s such a reliable source. The power of user generated content (UCG) has meant that it has rapidly become more viewed, trusted, authentic, and memorable than brand-driven advertising. On average, millennials spend 5.4 hours engaged with UGC per day which has resulted in customers being 6 times more likely to purchase a product if the page includes pictures of social media.

With London Fashion Week being displayed across all social media channels, it’s every retailer’s perfect opportunity to leverage sales and engage with their customer via a channel that has become so trusted by users. The fashion sector plays a significant role in the UK economy – it generates £26bn for the UK each year, rakes in £10.7bn from consumers and supports almost 800,000 jobs.


London Fashion Week is a crucial element in this, as orders of approximately £100m are placed during the five days – and the shows are watched online by audiences in 190 countries worldwide. This week for any reputable retailer generally equals an increase in sales. Even though high street brands such as H&M and Boohoo aren’t making catwalk appearances with their latest collections, they are joining in the social conversation and increasing sales by producing great content inspired by the catwalk. This allows their customers to not only keep up to date with the latest collection but enables them to purchase the next seasons must have in the palm of their hands.



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