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Considered to be the world’s fastest-growing digital language, the emoji has taken over.

More than 90% of social media users send six billion emojis every day. It’s so popular that the Oxford English Dictionary even announced the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji as the Word of the Year in 2015. Brands are now left with little choice but to embrace the emoji and work it into content.

 So in celebration of International Literacy Day, we’ve reviewed (what we think are) the best campaigns that incorporate emojis into conversation this year.

1. McDonald’s brings emoji to life

McDonald’s campaign, which launched in Germany in June, blurs the line between emoji and real-life objects. It aimed to highlight how recognisable McDonald’s visual language really is and the output is striking.

At first glance you’ve be forgiven for thinking these are three emojis but they’re actually photos styled to look exactly like emojis. So now when anyone sees or uses these same emojis who has also seen the campaign, they’ll associate them with McDonalds.



2. Sky Ocean Rescue’s #PassOnPlasticEmoji

Ahead of World Oceans Day earlier this year, Sky Ocean Rescue launched a social campaign asking Unicode, the official emoji body, to remove the plastic cup and straw emoji from its keyboard. The idea of the campaign was to stop the normalisation of single-use plastic and while it’s not going to change the world, it is doing its bit to raise awareness of an ever-growing problem.


3. Tinder’s quest for interracial couple emojis

The Interracial Couple Emoji Project advocated, quite simply, for more races and ethnicities to be depicted in couple emojis. A new website, video and petition launched to support the campaign from Tinder, the online dating app, which seeks to represent love in all its forms.

Emojis however take time to catch up. Emojis depicting people of colour and same-sex couples only became a reality in 2015. So it could be a few years yet before there’s complete representation.


4. Three’s rebrand to Three (lion emojis) for the 2018 World Cup

Mobile network Three threw its weight behind the England squad and rebranded four (strangely, not three) of its store fronts with a trio of lion emojis. The campaign was combined with the launch of a #ThreeWallBall challenge, and celebrity appearances from four ex-England legends.

Of course it wasn’t all smiling lions for the tournament. Once England were kicked out of the tournament, Three quickly swapped it’s happy lions for crying ones.


5. Air New Zealand’s #EmojiJourney

In February, Air New Zealand adopted the #EmojiJourney, asking users on Facebook and Twitter to describe their ideal break, using nothing more than emojis. Participants then received a personalised interactive map of New Zealand with emojis to highlight specific areas of interest.

Although judging from the below, your guess is as good as ours about this particular break.


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