The Best Christmas TV Ads of 2017

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Where has this year gone? 2018 is looming, but more importantly, Christmas is nearly here!

Nothing makes this more evident than the wealth of adverts gracing our televisions. Since John Lewis conquered Christmas advertising a few years ago, there’s been a growing number of contenders trying to claim the Christmas cracker crown.

For a second year in a row, we’re here with our naughty and nice list to bring you the best Christmas ads of 2017. Be warned though, we’re a bit Grinch-esque this year!

5. Christmas Together – Waitrose

This year’s Waitrose ad, Christmas Together, features punters being snowed in in a pub at Christmas…in Yorkshire! Now we know that sounds like a heavenly combination and our team agreed, awarding it 5.9/10 ED Santas.

Our very own Sam Starkey picked this ad as her favourite because “it’s about family and friends coming together” which, coincidentally, is her favourite thing about Christmas.

 4. Kevin the Carrot – ALDI

Sitting in 4th, we see the return of Kevin the Carrot in ALDI’s movie epic. In 2016, Kevin began his journey and this year he meets the carrot that captures his heart.

It looks like we’re not all completely dead inside as the team awarded Kevin a worthy 6.0 ED Santas.

Ginny said that it has “the most festive feeling” and it certainly fits her category of a cracking Christmas, it includes family, food and booze!

3. Paddington Bear – Marks & Spencer’s

This year’s Marks & Spencer’s ad features everybody's favourite marmalade-loving bear take centre stage. Paddington shows a burglar the values of Christmas, even though he’s just stolen all the presents from the street!

Perhaps it’s our childhood nostalgia kicking in, but we awarded Paddington a very decent 6.8 ED Santas.

Andy Hey articulately sums up why Paddington is his favourite by simply saying “I like marmalade!” This is surprising coming from a man who said his favourite part of the festive period is the end.

2. Christmas is for Movies – Sky Cinema

A last-minute contender for the Christmas crown, Sky ended up as joint second with 6.8 ED Santas. Perhaps because, as Jo puts it, the ad is ‘heart-warming without a heavy sell’.

Jake also summed up the advert as “very family focused… that’s what Christmas is all about!” He did, however, admit that his other favourite thing about Christmas is acceptable daytime drinking.

 1. Heathrow Bears – Heathrow Airport

The Heathrow Bears have taken the crown for a second year in a row! Last year’s ad was branded ‘cute’ by our paid search department and was awarded a whopping 8.1 ED Santas.

This year’s ad racked up 7.7 Santas and has been described by Dylan as “happy-sad”. We’re quite surprised that this is Dylan’s favourite as he thinks the best thing about Christmas is  “Sainsbury’s cracking sandwiches”.

Unsurprisingly, this ad went down well with those in our office who enjoy spending time with family at Christmas. Ceri said ‘it is so emotional’, while Kathryn added ‘it reminds me of the joy of seeing my family who all live far away.’

It’s fair to say our team definitely grasped the point of the ad.

Will the Heathrow Bears make it a third year in a row? You’ll have to check back at the end of 2018 to find out.

Honourable Christmas mentions for:

Barbour – A brand new entry using ‘The Snowman’ at the heart of its ad. It only just missed out on the top five with 5.5 ED Santas. Check out the ad here.

John Lewis – John Lewis has previously been widely regarded as the undisputed king of the Christmas ads. Was this year’s ad a mistake? Moz The Monster failed to crack the top five but still received a respectable with 5.5 ED Santas. You can watch the ad here.

ASDA – ASDA bucked its Christmas trends and is definitely a unique entry. The ‘Best Christmas Ever’ earned it 5.3 ED Santas…maybe next year’s ad will be more successful! Watch ASDA’s Christmas effort here.

Argos – Coming in at last place with an average 5.0 ED Santas is Argos’ ‘Ready for Take Off’. Our team may not have loved it, but you can decide for yourself here.

What do you think? Let us know your favourite ad in the comments below!

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