The Best Apps for the Apple Watch

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With loyal fans eagerly awaiting the Apple Watch release, we’re just as eager to see how companies will respond to the challenge of optimising their apps for Apple Watch users

Here are 6 apps (both new and existing) that we think will work seamlessly on the watch.

American Airlines

Although other airlines have also announced apps optimised for the Apple Watch, American Airlines was the first and was introduced during the official Apple event back in March (luckily for us Brits, BA’s version will be available from April 24th).

As well as displaying all your flight information, the app will also allow the user to check in with their watch, and view travel details during the flight, such as a map and the time remaining until arrival.

Users of British Airways’ version will even be greeted with a welcome message when arriving at some airports.

The Best Apps for the Apple Watch


With the updated app for the Apple Watch, it looks like it’ll be even easier to book an Uber taxi. The app has been simplified, meaning a car can be booked at the touch of one button.

Once you’ve requested the taxi, the app confirms where it thinks you want to be picked up from, which gives the user chance to cancel if the location is wrong.

The rest of the process is as normal, allowing you to watch the driver’s progress on a map, and see the driver’s profile image and car type.

The Best Apps for the Apple Watch

Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ app for the Apple Watch aims to make checking in at one of their hotels as easy as one press of a button. The app will also allow the user to unlock their room with a tap of their watch or a wave of the wrist.

The Best Apps for the Apple Watch


Prompt is a new app, currently in development, and is a timing tool to be used during presentations (something we think is a great idea in Client Services!) The user sets out sections for the presentation and timings for each section using the iOS app. The watch can be used to keep track of where you are in the presentation, and when you should be moving onto the next section.

Although you’d need to be careful not to get caught looking at your watch too much during a presentation!

The Best Apps for the Apple Watch


Dart is an app that allows emails to be sent with pre-created answers for the recipient to select from. The iOS or Mac app can be used to set up the emails, meaning the recipient can respond using one of the set answers, with just a touch of their Apple Watch.

This is a useful tool for quick to answer questions, such as ‘where do you want to meet?’, ‘what do you want to do at the weekend?’ etc. The app is integrated with your existing contacts and supports most email providers including iCloud, Gmail and Outlook.

The Best Apps for the Apple Watch

Boiled Egg Timer

We couldn’t resist including this one! Boiled Egg Timer does exactly what it says – allows you to set a timer for a perfectly boiled egg.

Using your Apple Watch, you select the egg size, set your ‘yolk preference’, and a time will appear on the screen showing how long you should boil the egg for.

Simple, no-fuss and surprisingly useful!

The Best Apps for the Apple Watch

We’re interested to see how our favourite apps will update to work with the Apple Watch, to ensure that the user experience from phone to watch is seamless. We’re also looking forward to seeing how companies and individuals come up with brand new apps purely designed to be used on the Apple Watch.

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