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Even the most infrequent users of social media will have witnessed the explosion of the short, fast-motion recipe videos that suck viewers in on Facebook – welcome to Buzzfeed’s ‘Tasty’ and ‘Proper Tasty’ – their British sister.

Tasty and Proper Tasty videos are optimised for Facebook’s autoplay feature, which starts playing videos without the sound on. With no audio required these videos allow typical Facebook zombie scrollers to easily absorb these quick recipe guides and engage with the content via likes, shares etc.

How do we know that the content is engaging? You don’t need to be digital expert to see…

Last week Proper Tasty posted a minute long video on ‘Lasagne Roll Ups’ and within 24 hours the post had over 20 million views, 140k comments and over 200k shares.

The most viewed video for Tasty was a walk-through recipe for a ‘Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Bread Boat’ which generated 60 million views and an incredible 2 million engagements.

Think that’s impressive?

In December alone, Tasty scored 1 BILLION video views (Marketingland 2015). Having been live for only 6 months, Tasty already has over 35 million followers with Proper Tasty kicking off with an equally extraordinary 5.5 million followers in just over 1 month.

So other than being a quick video taking advantage of Facebook’s platform how have Tasty and Proper Tasty been so successful?

The content

“It taps into a simple truth: People love tasty foods and the kind of foods that remind them of their childhood, comfort food, or food that reminds them of an experience!” – Frank Cooper, BuzzFeed’s chief marketing officer (Fortune 2016).


Well it sounds simple – but if it was simple we would all be doing it right? Well in fact many companies are trying to replicate these ‘simple and quick’ recipes. The Tasty and Proper Tasty videos though are deceiving – they may look short and sweet but they require countless man hours to not only create these slick and seamless videos but to also create the very simple yet inspiring recipes. Posting an average of 3 videos a day…that’s a lot of recipes needed.

It is definitely worth adopting the approach – Think with Google has found through it’s research that 1 in 3 millennials say they have purchased a product as a result of watching a ‘how-to video’. Some businesses have tried to create their own version of the Tasty video, like Tesco by creating its ‘signature’ 5 Ingredients in One Pot recipes in its own more ‘upmarket’ style.

With Pancake Day upon us you can be sure your Facebook feed will be full of Tasty style pancake videos vying for your attention and engagement.

As fantastic as many of the recipes are and as big budget as they may or may not be…nothing compares to Tasty – I think we can all agree.

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