Shopping Feed Update & A Few Quick Tips

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Last month Google announced an update to their shopping feed specifications and product category taxonomy, details of which can be found here.

Due to this, we thought we’d take this opportunity to provide a few tips of our own to optimise your shopping feed.

It can be hard enough to get a shopping advert to display for any specific query or keyword so the following tips should assist you by making your feed as comprehensive as possible:

  • Product Titles – Highlight attributes that make your product unique in the title field e.g. include your product’s brand at the start and include things such as size and colour if applicable.
  • Description Field – Look at how your targeted audience are searching for your product by going through search query reports and focus on using these towards the beginning of your product’s description.
  • Product Attributes - Include as many detailed Product Attributes as possible in the feed i.e. size, material, colour, etc.

Ensure that at the very least, your top performing products in terms of search volumes have all the attributes filled in the feed.

  • UPI or Unique Product Identifier – This is the one field that Google insist should not be left empty as products without UPIs will end up being excluding from auctions. 

In many instances though it is not possible to attain a UPI for every product. In these cases, in order to ensure these products eligible to be listed you should create an additional attribute called ‘identifier exists’ and set the value to ‘FALSE’.

  • Use custom labels to allow for segmentation beyond the attributes outlined by Google. For example, create a label for profit margin. This would allow for more aggressive bidding across products that are more profitable for your business.

Happy optimising!

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