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A few weeks ago some members of the Search team sat down together to enjoy an insightful webinar, hosted by Paul Bongers @Searchmetrics. The live video discussed the importance of creative content, and how to review its effectiveness in terms of SEO and social media. Here we discuss and summarise the main points, to share with our readers.

Searchmetrics webinar review - content creation and its search and social performance

Plan ahead:

Firstly, to produce the best content you need to understand the market positioning of the business, and how the business is perceived by current and potential customers, to target the right audience. As Paul describes, "understanding your market is impossible without accurate data".

Be Social:

This can easily be verified using social media. Social is an important interface for consumers to engage with the brand and with each other, as current advocates of the brand can interact and persuade future customers. There is no faster method to engage with your fans and followers than social media, so by a brand ‘facing the crowd and interacting with them ’, considerations of the target consumers can be positively influenced through content promotion on social media, building brand trust and loyalty.

It’s a great way to directly engage with and discover your customer’s true opinions and find out what they like about the business. After all, you are ‘who and what they think you are, not who and what you think you are ’.

Content creation:

The right kind of content needs to be considered to ensure shareability across social media and online influencer networks, producing brand likes and follows, to best accomplish these objectives. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the content is spread to and reaches the widest audience possible, which can achieved by targeting the right audience. Outreaching to thought leaders, who may already be engaging with the brand via social media, can positively sway the opinion of your brand, which will ensure further reaching brand interactions and conversion rates.

The most important aim of the content, of course, is that it should ‘increase traffic to the website’,  by creating the intrigue for the readers to seek further information about and engage with the brand, its products and services. This can be directed using advantageous keywords and key phrases, directing customers to a company’s desired target page, and improving site rankings on search engines. As Paul explains ‘keywords are the windows between search engine users and your brand’.

Content Evaluation:

Any insights gained from monitoring how well the content has performed over time can help inform and improve the strategy for the next content creation. This will further increase optimisation in order for the brand to continue to compete more effectively, by raising the brand site’s rankings and improving the visibility in search engines and social media.


Paul lastly describes the key learnings from the webinar to consider, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Learn from your customers – listen to what they want and think to best address their needs, so use their opinions to produce more brand positivity and interaction through engaging online content.
  • Keep the content accessible – Make sure the content can not only be picked up in the search engines, but also that it can be seen and shared by the audience. This can be achieved by conveying compelling, fun and interesting ideas, increasing market value for the business.

Although this is something we at Enjoy Digital have already been implementing, this webinar was a great summary of the new forward thinking of creative online content for brand promotion, and an insightful review of the way companies should generate their content in order to improve their SEO rankings and social standing on Facebook and Twitter.

Quotes selected from the webinar: From content creation to its performance in search engines and social media - Paul Bongers, Presales Manager UK at Searchmetrics

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