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I'm originally from Wakefield and now live in Rothwell with my partner and 2 cats, Ralph and Wizadora. I have a passion for travel and love planning the next trip, although itinerary is never planned. I love cooking and everything is made lovingly made from scratch.

What is your favourite thing on the internet and why?

My favourite thing on the internet is also my favourite app, I'm slightly addicted to Instagram, not so much posting myself, but looking at pictures of travel pages, what my friends are up to and inspiration for home decor, fashion, travel etc. Although, I'm also quite addicted to the Farm Heroes game too.

Let’s get cheesy… share with us your work mantra and a quick doodle of yourself.

Not so much a mantra but i believe in a work/life balance. Come to work and work hard and do a good job, but leave it behind once you go home and enjoy your free time with family and friends.

When you’re in charge of the office/studio playlist what are your top 3 picks?

I much prefer older music to the newer stuff, so it'd probably be some Placebo, Incubus and Rage Against the Machine.

Favourite social/digital campaign by a brand/service?

Mcains Daddy or Chips, just because it was so simple and everyone still remembers it.

Tell us your party trick or a hidden talent.

I'm actually a very good roller skater (old school).

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