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Hi, I'm Dylan Kowalczyk, a migrated Mancunian with moppy hair. Nobody in my family gets what I do for a living but they're happy all the same.

What is your favourite thing on the internet and why?

Youtube. How to videos, trailers, unnecessary arguments in the comments...I love it!

Which app could you not live without?

iPhone Notes. I have terrible phone signal most of the time so my train journeys are spent making little OCD to-do lists or writing down random terrible ideas.

Let’s get cheesy… share with us your work mantra and a quick doodle of yourself.

Had to Google it as nothing came to mind <-- That's not it. "Attitude is Everything" is a good one.

When you’re in charge of the office/studio playlist what are your top 3 picks?

Depends what sort of day I'm having but I usually go for something old, cheesy and easy to sing to. I like these for example:

1. Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

2. Pina Colada song - Band unknown

3. I Wish - Skee-Lo

Favourite social/digital campaign by a brand/service?

A lot of the stuff Red Bull do is interesting. They don't even try and sell the product they just attach their brand to exciting events like the guy diving to Earth.

Tell us your party trick or a hidden talent.

Caramel Chocolate Shortbread. Making it and eating it. The better I get at the former, the better I get at the latter.

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