Retailers Prepare For Black Friday With Increased Online Ad Spend

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The UK was grossly unprepared for Black Friday last year, both online and offline, as TVs were smashed and major retailers’ sites crashed, unable to deal with the massive demand and traffic volumes.

And who can blame them when the YoY increase in ‘black friday deals’ searches looked like this:

Retailers Prepare For Black Friday With Increased Online Ad Spend

This year, UK retailers are keen to not miss out with some, such as Argos, extending black Friday deals over a few days or weeks in November, contributing to the phenomenon referred to by analysts as the “graying of Black Friday”.

Many have also chosen to increase their paid search efforts this year to maximise their November revenue, especially since AdWords announced the release of their Black Friday structured snippet headers and with countdown adverts being even easier to set up following the widget update last December.

Research published by Kenshoo showed that in the U.S., a 24% increase in ad spend from 2013 to 2014, led to a whopping42% increase in revenue so UK retailers are hoping that we will continue to see similar trends.

Last year Black Friday drove an impressive £800 million in online revenue in the UK following a 92% YoY increase in online sales.

Some studies suggest that this year sales will reach £1 billion despite Asda, the pioneer of Black Friday in UK, cancelling their involvement in the event.

Bing Ads data shows that 45% of online sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday were generated by mobile and that states that Black Friday in particular represents a huge day in mobile traffic.

An article released on Thinkwithgoogle, however, appears to disagree, stating that the ever-increasing presence of mobile has changed our shopping behaviour and habits.

The study states:

54% of all holiday shoppers say that they plan to shop on their smartphones in spare moments throughout the day

So, people are expected to shop in a much more leisurely manner throughout the holiday season, compared to previous years, rather than go all out on a Black Friday shopping marathon.

What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing on Black Friday? Or are you a “micro-moment” shopper?

Let us know!

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