Regular virtual work socials increase happiness: our research

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Regular virtual work socials increase happiness: our research

We looked into what’s keeping the country happy during isolation, and while we can’t guarantee your work colleagues are a good laugh, our research shows work socials are keeping our spirits high.

We surveyed people across the nation to find out if there’s a perfect formula for happiness while working from home. In among the results are surprising findings on the impact of socialising with colleagues outside of work.

Although only 42% of people working from home said they have at least one monthly virtual work get-together, they rated themselves happier than people who rarely or never attend work socials. So it turns out your Zoom quizzes are making you happier!

The survey also shows that people who work in a separate room are happier than those who work in communal areas, on a sofa, or bed.

Work socials tend to be a bit like marmite. But love them or loathe them, a virtual get-together is important in making things feel a little more normal while you’re not in the office. And this research shows that just by making an effort to organise socials, you’re improving the wellbeing of your teams.

Our Managing Director, Chris Jackson, said, “We place a big emphasis on peoples' wellbeing and it’s clear from the results that the social aspect of work is an important contributor to this.

"Knowing that colleagues feel happier when they have regular work socials, and a similar routine to what they would have in the office, reassured us that we’re helping our team cope while working from home.

"Another key part of the results show us that respondents living with children scored themselves highly for happiness. Although there are added pressures for colleagues with children at home, these results should encourage employers to introduce or improve flexible working policies.

"Morale is important for productivity, so putting our team’s happiness first will mean they’re able to deliver their best work."

This is just one of the findings of our research. Keep an eye on our social feeds to find out what else we’ve discovered and what this means for your happiness.

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