Reflecting product design in E-Commerce

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As a designer, I am always on the look out for the best products in terms of design and quality, even if this means spending a little bit more money on items.

When I’m out and about and I see a product I like but I’m not quite sure about it, I always check out the product manufacturers own website before making a purchase. In this way, I am able to get a feel for the company and the products they sell, as well as get an idea of what their ethos is and how they work.

I have picked some of my favourite e-commerce sites and although they’re not as big as the likes of Amazon, ASOS or Rakuten, they all have a distinct uniqueness about them in that they design their website to focus purely on their products. This results in rich, original content presented in a way that supports the brand, it’s products and enhances your buying experience, whether it be through large lifestyle product shots, how the product is made or blog posts from brand ambassadors. Incorporating these elements into a site designed to convey that information in a clear and simple format ensures a fantastic user experience that customers will buy into.

Below are some examples of independent e-commerce websites that I am a fan of:


Reflecting product design in E-Commerce

Grovemade is a collection of designers and craftsmen who have collaborated to create beautiful products from quality materials that are focused on art, design and craftsmanship. Despite the fact the brand endorses a minimal collection of products, the content on this site is outstanding! Every image is beautiful. I’m engrossed in the story behind the company and who they are. The product-listing page features subtle rollovers to show you different angles of the item before clicking through to a product page that is beautifully structured with a mixture of lifestyle shots and stacked specifications. It’s convinced me enough to make me want to buy the whole collection…albeit when I can afford it.


Reflecting product design in E-Commerce

GoPro have fast become one of the best-known action camera manufacturers around the globe. Working alongside brand ambassadors across a multitude of different platforms and projects has allowed them to acquire a vast catalogue of images and videos of the highest quality, which can be used to promote their products and demonstrate what they can do.

However, the aspect of this site that I like is the way in which they have displayed the product information on their pages. As you scroll down the page you are shown diagrams and shots of how the camera can be mounted, examples of the video quality and camera specs. The simple design of the catalogue pages means that it can be easily digested and helps to showcase the immense power that such a small camera holds.


Reflecting product design in E-Commerce

Flatspot is an independent skate store based in the UK that sells a range of men’s contemporary fashion and urban street wear. The homepage demonstrates that the site has a particular focus on footwear as straight away you are greeted with a large full width banner advertising the latest range, with the featured products listed just underneath. The placement of these featured products, is designed to drive buyers straight onto the pages for that impulse buy without making them search for the actual product they might be looking for.


Reflecting product design in E-Commerce

Schwood Eyewear incorporates precision technology with timeless craftsmanship to create bespoke handmade wooden sunglasses that combines innovative design with the uniqueness and beauty evident in natural landscapes and settings. The main aspect of the site that caught my eye was the way in which it drive’s the user to the product page from the homepage which is done through a simple carousel just below the main hero image. In terms of the website’s aesthetics, the products are displayed on the page in a forward facing high quality shot, with the next and previous images slightly angled towards their respected side of the page creating a slick motion when clicking through the different options. Additionally, the user can select alternative frame and lens colours which enhances the overall user experience as you are able to tailor the product to your own individual taste and view this in focus before clicking through to the main product page. In my opinion, this is a fantastic way of showcasing the product and its different selections all on the landing page.

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