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Welcome to our weekly round-up! Every week we discuss what’s been happening in the integrated world of Digital Marketing.


Alex looks at an interesting week following the recent Google summit:

In an interview at the summit, Google answered a range of questions based on a variety of topics which include rankbrain, Panda, TLD’s and much more. It also announced that authorship is officially dead and will no longer be used. In terms of what to look out for in the next 12 months, Google stressed the importance of AMP pages and to look into the developments of assistants and chat-bots.

To read more about the interview click here.

Keyword page ranking results:

A challenge I have been looking to overcome in recent weeks is making sure we are ranking correct pages for specific keywords. There have been situations where an incorrect page has been ranking for a certain keyword and it can be a challenge to see Google to rank the correct page. There are various ways to overcome this, such as using internal linking.

Whilst a recent Whiteboard Friday video on Moz which talked about this specific issue and is well worth watching. 

The video suggests various fixes and steps to follow. One step in particular was called ‘degrading a page’. To do this you would takeaway keywords to stop cannibalisation. Another fix would be to make sure your page included unique content. This is especially important within e-commerce sites, as content often can be very similar and duplicated across different categories.



This week, Giada discusses Google’s latest multi device reporting tool:

Google has followed its announcement of bid adjustments by device with the launch of its new ELMO tool, which allows you to follow the user journey from a first engagement with your website on their mobile, to finally making a purchase on desktop. The Elmo Tool offers insights into mobile’s true performance through the use of multi device conversion rate and an alternative attribution model.

The Multi device conversion rate is calculated as follows:

Conv. rate in one device/visits from all devices

The new attribution model mentioned was a mix between the first and last click models and was summarised as:

First click (50%) + last click (50%)

The new model was introduced as the last click model, which we typically use for our reports, shows measurement bias in favour of desktop. Whereas this hybrid model shows mobile both as a key driver of conversions and as a device with lower CPAs without affecting overall conversion figures.

Google has stated that these multi device reports will be useful in answering questions such as 'Are your users moving to mobile?', ' Do mobile users research more?' and 'Do desktop visitors come ready to convert?'

So it would seem like there is no time like the present to re-analyse how users behave on different devices and reassess which device is most important for your campaign and should be used as a baseline.

Search console report in GA

A new Search Console report is now available in the Google Analytics interface under the Acquisition section.

This is great for SEOs, one reason being that the queries report in Analytics isn't subject to the same restrictions as the actual Search Console, but it will also help inform paid strategies.

This new data can also help PPCers out there. There are 4 reports available:

1) Landing Pages Report
2) Countries Report
3) Queries Report 
4) Devices Report

Our personal favourite is the landing page report which, among other things, allows you to:

  • Identify pages with high engagement levels but low organic CTRs, due to low rankings, which could potentially be great to start driving your PPC traffic
  • Find high CTR and engagement pages and incorporate the related copy from the organic listings into your adverts



Kathryn looks at GiffGaff’s latest way to celebrate providing ‘no contracts’ to its mobile network users:

The ‘no contract’ mobile phone network provider, GiffGaff, has been bringing the feeling of freedom to the streets with London, with an immersive PR stunt illustrating how it feels to be free from the restrictions of mobile phone contracts.

The stunt grabbed the attention of passers-by with an interactive billboard, providing the backdrop to actors staging a jailbreak, old school gangsters releasing a hostage from their car boot, and a Roman legion carrying the participant away,  emphasising the concept of 'freedom'.

The stunt is in conjunction with a marketing campaign and a new TV advert packed full of movie references, including the Kirk Douglas film ‘Spartacus’- all relating to the freedom GiffGaff provides, and supported with the hashtag #IamGiffGaff 

No, I’m GiffGaff!

I’m GiffGaff and so’s my wife!


Stay tuned for more updates on the world of Search!

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