Progressive Web Apps: The Next Stage of Content Delivery

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Content delivery has become a whole lot faster, easier and more flexible thanks to progressive web apps (PWA)

A PWA provides a similar experience to the apps on your phone but are hosted on the web. It’s useful if you want to go the extra mile for customers but don’t have the resource to develop a fully-fledged app.

Here’s just a few more reasons why you should consider putting a PWA to good use.

1. They load instantly

We really do have short attention spans. If a site takes more than just three seconds to load, 53% of users will leave so you can see why it’s important to have speedy loading times.

PWAs store resources and data on your device so they load instantly. There’s no downloading pages from a typically unreliable Wi-Fi hotspot, everything is downloaded in the background ready for when you want to view it.

2. They’re always working

PWAs use service workers to tackle any connectivity issues so they work all the time. The service worker acts like a client proxy cache and so, in the same way it loads instantly, it also works perfectly offline. The PWA will retrieve any information even whilst the app isn’t open through background tasks and store them on your device.

So whether you’ve got a patchy 4G signal out in the suburbs or are stuck in a field in the middle of nowhere, your PWA will always work.

3. They boost engagement

PWAs feel like an app but with the benefits of a web. This means that users have a much more immersive experience. Coupled with push notifications this creates an incredibly immersive and responsive experience.

It’s so beneficial that companies like ecommerce giant Alibaba have seen mobile conversions increase by as much as 76%.

4. They have all the benefits of a web page

We’ve already said that PWAs are hosted on the web but here’s why that’s such a great benefit. PWAs are discoverable by search engines and are completely responsive. That means all the hard SEO work you’ve put into your site won’t go to waste if you choose to create a PWA.

PWAs are also HTTPS secure and as search engines favour secure servers, this reassures both you and your users.

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