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Our Managing Director, Jonathan, was recently approached by to provide his thoughts on 2015 and his predictions for 2016 within the digital industry.

Here is a little insight into his views – you can read more on Jonathan’s interview and other business opinions from across Yorkshire in the article at The Business Desk.

What didn’t happen in 2015 that was expected to? 

“As a business, everything we set out to achieve in the last 12 months has been achieved. It’s a satisfying position to be in as we approach the new year.

“Further afield, we envisaged that ‘wearable’ technology would have a much bigger impact in 2015 alongside an increase in app technology. With the launch of the Apple Watch hype was high but uptake didn’t keep pace and drive the innovation we expected. Many apps merely provided a watch interface as opposed to enhancing the experience.

“With the hike in Bitcoin prices in late 2014 we thought this may become a viable online currency this year but the volatility and reasonably high barrier to access seems to have dampened spirits slightly.”

What should we expect to see in 2016?

“One of the biggest developments within digital has been the increased convergence of PR and SEO. This blurring of boundaries has largely been driven by Google, but has ultimately led to traditional PR agencies being unable to offer the necessary SEO expertise whilst search agencies often lack the strategic PR capabilities. We see this trend continuing in 2016 and purposely took the step to recently appoint an experienced communications director to expand our existing search offering and provide clients with a much more integrated proposition.

“From a social media perspective, we expect to see increased investment in paid activity across channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is an interesting one as it is a relatively new advertising platform, but it is really paying dividends for big consumer brands. A trend in 2016 will be for smaller brands to embrace it more.

“One final thing we’ve noticed is that clients are increasingly recognising the importance of attribution. It is something we actively promote and encourage as it will make agency performance even more accountable over the next 12 months.”

What do you want to see happen in 2016?

“More brands offering a seamless customer experience across their owned, earned and paid media channels is critical. A focus on personalisation and behavioural needs will ensure marketing initiatives are more effective and make it easier for customers to engage with a brand or make a purchase. The online space is so competitive that it is forcing brands to become more relevant and deeply ingrained with their customers’ day-to-day lives.”

What are you most looking forward to in 2016 (needn’t be business-related)?

“Leeds as a city is thriving at the moment and its continued growth and expansion is really exciting. In our sector alone, Leeds boasts some of the country’s biggest and most creative digital agencies outside of London. It’s a real hotbed of talent and long may it continue in 2016.”

“On a personal level, finally finishing off all the endless DIY projects and home improvements that have taken over my life for the last few months will be a welcome relief. If I never set eyes on a paint brush and screwdriver again it will be a day too soon.”

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