Online shopping: Top 3 user-friendly Ecommerce sites

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I am not someone who regularly shops online. I am rather more traditional and still enjoy physically going to a shop and browsing goods before making any buying decisions.

I do have exceptions though, notably books and music, as they are consumed through various devices like my iPhone or Kindle I pretty much have to buy them online – although I do still enjoy actually reading a book sometimes!

Otherwise, I try my hardest to avoid shopping online – although this is becoming more and more difficult to do. So when do I have to shop online? Well mostly when I don’t have time to go into town, the item I want is not in the UK or it is an ‘exclusive online’ offer.

Now as good as my project management skills are in work, I’m not always the most organised of people in my own life; so this in mind I was rather frustrated when I realised I hadn’t bought any swimwear for my holiday, which I leave for this week. I could have gone into town but nowadays going into a shop in August you only have jackets and jumpers to shop for because the summer sale has been and gone! Why!?

So I had no choice but to go online. As I was shopping around multiple sites I became more and more frustrated with some brands and secretly impressed with others; it got me thinking about which Ecommerce sites I would happily use – now if I’m impressed by the user experience it is definitely a winner.

So here are my Top 3 Ecommerce sites:


Whichever device I access the ASOS site on, I always have an exceptional experience. The look and feel of the site is fresh and easy to navigate, I can quickly and easily return to previous searches and on-point recommendations are made based on items I have spent time looking at previously. For me I love the fact they have taken the time to upload ‘catwalk’ videos so you can see what the clothes look like in ‘real life’ as opposed to good angles, clever photography and models pinching material in here and there to make it look better; even providing information on what size the model is wearing and how tall she is helps me to make a decision. Most importantly for ASOS, selecting colours and sizes and adding it to my basket – simple!! The shopping bag is also transparent; there are no hidden costs, payment options are clear and so is information on security and also how to return unwanted items.

Online shopping: Top 3 user-friendly Ecommerce sites

Not On The High Street

A special occasion is on the horizon, so what do you get for the person who has everything?

I love a quick visit to when I am in need of a present. Yes the gifts are personalised, which obviously is their USP, but that’s not the only reason I visit. The site is easy to navigate around, has a lovely boutique feel to it and you can quickly and effectively refine your search if you are struggling for ideas. The site offers you quick links to ‘gifts under £25 for him’ or ‘blow the budget for her’ or ‘gifts under £50’ – these links are incredibly simple to provide to a user but not everyone offers them. There’s also handy tools to set price guides i.e. more than £10 less than £20. Generally, when I visit an Ecommerce site I might not know ‘exactly’ what I want but I usually have a good idea of what I am willing to spend. So to be clearly given the option to search based on price limits saves time and also gives me a good idea of what my budget is going to get me.

You would expect the big players to have user friendly, tech savvy sites – after all they have the money to conduct research, extensively test sites and all the rest! But independent retailers with smaller budgets and less expertise can still stand their ground… 

Online shopping: Top 3 user-friendly Ecommerce sites

Farmison & Co

If you find you can’t get a certain cut of meat in the supermarket or you just aren’t happy with the quality available then you may choose to visit the local market or butchers – but when you’re working 9 – 5 you can’t always get there in time. So many farms and businesses are offering meat and veg boxes delivered straight to your door ready to eat, refrigerate or freeze.

Farmison & Co is an independent business in North Yorkshire but that doesn’t stop them from having a smart, accessible and simple to use ecommerce site. All categories of meat are clearly labelled and when you do pick a cut you are met with transparency. This includes showing you the cut, tips on how to cook this particular cut and also detailed information on what the specific breed of animal is (e.g. Swaledale Lamb) and which farm they are from. Information on maturity, shelf life and serving sizes is also offered along with clear reviews by customers. The shopping basket itself offers other items which may be of interested along with clear selection of delivery dates, times and costs.

Overall, the site illustrates that small businesses can still provide excellent user experience and customer service, whilst also being designed to high standards.

Online shopping: Top 3 user-friendly Ecommerce sites

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