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I'm Hannah Lund and I’m a third-year undergraduate Psychology student at the University of York.

How and why did you want to get work experience at Enjoy Digital?

When thinking of trying to get a job in marketing and PR, which is such a competitive job market, it’s pretty nerve-racking. I wanted to get some work experience to try to build up my CV and make myself stand out from the crowd.

I was made aware of Enjoy Digital, and after doing some research about the fantastic work they do and clients they work with, I enquired whether it would be possible to do some work experience in the PR and search marketing team.

Describe some projects you have helped work on

I have gained some great experience; ranging from media relations and liaising with journalists through to drafting press materials, conducting desk research and using media databases such as Gorkana.

How do you feel your placement will benefit your experience/course/job prospects?

I feel this work experience has been extremely beneficial for all of the above! Working within a digital marketing agency is completely different from other work experience I have done, it has allowed me to expand my knowledge of PR, gain confidence in liaising with editors and journalists and observe how a successful digital marketing agency operates.

What have you enjoyed most about your work experience?

I really enjoyed working on a wide variety of ‘real’ projects with an enthusiastic and talented team, and it was very rewarding to be able to see the press releases gaining coverage from publications I had contacted.

However what can’t go without mentioning is how easy it was to settle in at Enjoy Digital; all of the team are full of personality and very welcoming. On my first day, I was invited on the staff night out which was a great way to get to know everyone (and find out that shuffleboard wasn’t a talent of mine!).

I have enjoyed every minute of my work experience and I have learned so much - thank you to everyone at ED!

Interested in some work experience at Enjoy Digital? Drop us a line.

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